Thursday, September 11, 2008

Deputy Jeffery Nation Arrested for Assaulting Teen


Authorities say a former Aiken County Sheriff’s deputy is charged with assaulting an 18-year-old he was arresting.

The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office said 40-year-old Jeffrey Nation of Aiken was arrested Tuesday, two days after he hit a New Ellenton teenager. Nation was charged with assault and battery and misconduct in office.

Sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Michael Frank said Nation was no longer an officer as of Tuesday morning.

Assault charges against the teen were dismissed. A statement from the sheriff’s office said Nation falsely accused the teen of trying to head-butt him.

Sheriff Michael Hunt said he asked the South Carolina Law Enforcement to investigate, and he apologized to the teen for unacceptable behavior by an officer.

Officer Kevin Kovalovsky Request Denied

A former Freemansburg police officer charged with drunken driving faces a preliminary hearing again after his request for a first-time offender program was denied.

Kevin Kovalovsky, 32, was a full-time police officer when he was charged in December with two counts of drunken driving while off-duty. State police found Kovalovsky in his car along Route 33 in Bushkill Township and said his blood-alcohol content was more than three times the legal limit for driving of .08 percent.

Kovalovsky had waived his right to a preliminary hearing so he could be considered for the county's Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program for first-time offenders. But Kovalovsky has been rejected for the program, said Northampton County Assistant District Attorney Bill Blake.

Kovalovsky asked the court to send the drunken driving charges back to a district judge and the request was granted Tuesday by Northampton County Judge F.P. Kimberly McFadden.

No new date has been set for the preliminary hearing, Blake said.

Last month, Kovalovsky was fired from the Freemansburg Police Department. Kovalovsky had served with the department since 1997.

In March, Kovalovsky was charged with public drunkenness by his own department in the early morning after St. Patrick's Day. That charge was later dismissed.

Officer Shaun Asher Arrested for Domestic Dispute


A West Union Police officer was recently arrested following an alleged domestic dispute in the Ripley Post Office.

According to a report from the Ripley Police Department, on Aug. 23, at approximately 2:39 p.m., Officer Kevin Little of the Ripley Police department was advised of a fight at the Ripley Post Office on U.S. 52.

According to the report submitted by Officer Little, the argument involved a man and two women. The man was later identified by Ripley Police Officer Brad Liming to be West Union Police Officer Shaun Asher.

In his report, Little states that he approached Asher, who refused to cooperate and calm down. After Officer Little had tried several times to get Asher under control, he warned Asher that he would be shot with the taser due to his "anger being out of control."

According to Little, Asher stated that his girlfriend, a juvenile, and his wife, Jennifer Asher, were arguing and that he was trying to break it up. Little advised the girlfriend to leave the premises.

According to the report, Asher continued to persist, cursing and, at times becoming uncontrollable. A short time later, Lieutenant David Benjamin and Sergeant Donald Newman of the Ripley Police Department arrived on the scene. The two advised that Asher had been recently warned of his behavior at a bar at 19 Main Street.

Allegedly, Asher then stated that he was a cop and that he would "get out of it." All officers at the scene attempted to get Asher into a cab or other form of transportation, but Asher refused and told the officers to arrest him.

According to the officers, Asher allegedly turned to his wife and told her, "Shut up or I'll hit you up side the head." Upon uttering this statement, Asher was arrested for verbal domestic violence and persistent disorderly conduct. Asher was then placed in a police cruiser where he continued to curse and attempted to kick and hit the windows.

Sergeant Newman contacted the Brown County Sheriff's Office to advise of Asher's transportation to the Brown County Jail. He also contacted West Union Police Chief Roy Stricklet about the arrest. Chief Stricklet had no comment on the matter.

Allegedly, Asher continued to struggle during his travel to the Brown County Jail, claiming that he was going to fight everyone in the jail.

"Asher was afforded ample opportunities to keep himself out of jail," reported Sergeant Newman. "He decided not to use them."

Probation Officer Arrested on Theft and Forgery

A current and former employee of Cameron County's Probation Department have been arrested on theft and forgery charges after they were accused of selling $70,000 worth of forged Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark passes.

Sylvia Gonzalez, 37, and Angela Garcia, 32, both of Brownsville, were released on $7,500 personal recognizance bonds following their Monday arrests and arraignments, officials said.

Investigators believe the women sold approximately 600 forged Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark passes this year alone, said Jason Moody, spokesman for the District Attorney's office.

Schlitterbahn officials are conducting an audit to determine if any fake passes might have been sold in previous years.

Gonzalez was arrested at the probation office where she worked as an office clerk. It is not immediately known where Garcia was arrested.

Garcia resigned from her job as a probation officer two weeks ago.

Gonzalez will most likely be suspended with or without pay depending on the circumstances of her case, Human Resources Director Manuel Villarreal said.

Gonzalez's and Garcia's arrests are the result of a month-long investigation by the Cameron County District Attorney's Office Special Operations Group.

The district attorney's office had been contacted by Schlitterbahn employee, Mike Bigelow, director of marketing and sales, who alleged that numerous season passes had been copied and forged.

Bigelow stated that the passes were similar to the ones sold by the county's Human Resources Department to county employees at a discount.

A preliminary investigation shows that Gonzalez and Garcia were allegedly selling adult passes at $30 to $45 and passes for children at $25 to $40. The adult passes normally sell for $99, and season passes for children sell for $69.

Commenting on the arrest and charges, District Attorney Armando Villalobos said, he is disappointed with the situation in which " a few bad apples have taken advantage of a county perk for illicit gain... we are deeply offended that it included persons associated with law enforcement. We will seek jail time."

Authorities urge anyone who may have bought forged passes to contact the district attorney's office.

Detention Officer Clayton Buycks Arrested

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has arrested one of his own on charges of sexual assault and kidnapping.

28 year-old Clayton Darnell Buycks is a detention officer, accused of fondling a female inmate inside an elevator at the East Courthouse in downtown Phoenix last month.

The inmate was being transported to court to face drug charges when the attack occurred and investigators say she was handcuffed, resulting in the kidnapping charge.

Buycks spent the last 5 years as a detention officer with the Sheriff's Office, but Arpaio says he's been placed on administrative leave with pay while they continue their investigation.