Thursday, March 27, 2008

Officer Brian Julius Coble charged with 7 felony counts

A Greensboro police officer faces multiple charges of fraud and identify theft.

Court documents reveal Officer Brian Julius Coble is accused of stealing a woman's credit card then going on a shopping spree.

In all, he faces seven felony charges including identity theft, credit card fraud and obtaining property by false pretenses.

According to arrest warrants coble stole a credit card and took at least five trips to Neimann Marcus.

Among the items police say he bought: $500 in shoes, $200 in clothes and on three separate occassions authorities say Coble bought jewelry.

On the last trip, they say he spent $2,000 on jewelry.

In total, investigators believe Coble spend $4,600 on the stolen credit card.

GPD suspended Coble in November for unrelated accusations.

Police will not give us details on that internal investigation.

He remains suspended without pay.

According to GPD, Coble makes $45,000 a year.

He's been released from jail on $10,000 bond.