Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Second Mission police officer arrested for driving while intoxicated

A second city police officer was suspended Sunday after he was arrested for driving while intoxicated over the weekend.

Mission police Lt. Gabriel Zuniga was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated on South Padre Island about 10 p.m. Saturday, said Trooper Johnny Hernandez, a local spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Zuniga was pulled over for a traffic violation along Texas Highway 100, north of the Island's main strip, Hernandez said.

The off-duty police officer failed a sobriety test at the scene and was transported to the Port Isabel Police Department, where he refused to give a breath sample, Hernandez said. Zuniga was then taken to the Cameron County Jail in Brownsville.

Zuniga's arrest marks the second intoxicated driving incident involving a Mission police officer this weekend.

Also Saturday, Officer Martin Flores Villarreal, 40, of Mission, was arrested at 2:30 a.m. on suspicion of driving while intoxicated in an unmarked Mission police vehicle. A DPS trooper arrested Flores along U.S. Expressway 83 in San Juan.

Both officers were indefinitely suspended without pay, said Mission police spokesman Lt. Martin Garza. The accused officers have the right to appeal the suspension, Garza said.

"We are embarrassed and certainly apologize to the public for their actions," he said of the accused officers.

"The acts of these couple of officers doesn't reflect on the actions of other officers from the police department."

Officer Clay Blanchard Charged in Domestic Fight

A Des Moines senior police officer has been arrested after he allegedly assaulted his wife Friday evening.

Clay Blanchard, 56, of Des Moines, was arrested this morning, according to police.

He was charged with domestic assault causing injury, second-degree harassment and obstructing an emergency phone call and taken to the Polk County Jail. Blanchard’s wife, Angela, 40, was not seriously injured, police said.

Angela Blanchard came back to the couple’s residence Friday evening after having dinner with a man, and her husband reportedly began yelling at her and demanded her cell phone, a police report said.

When Angela refused, the two wrestled for the phone and she threatened to call police. Blanchard then took her cell phone and his wife called police from their home phone.

Angela Blanchard told officers she didn’t want to make a report about the incident, but one was made for documentation, police said.

Angela said the couple has an open marriage, the police report said. The man she had seen earlier the night of the assault was a relationship her husband knew about, she told police.

“We investigated this like we would with any other criminal case,” said Sgt. Vince Valdez. “As far as his employment, that is yet to be determined.”

Officer Andre Calhoun Arrested for Plotting to Commit Robbery


A south Georgia police officer was arrested on the job after investigators say he plotted to steal.

Pelham police officer Andre Calhoun is out of jail on bond now, after he was taken into custody as he worked early Saturday morning.

Pelham investigators say while Calhoun was on the job, he plotted to commit robbery and burglary. Calhoun is charged with four felonies, two counts of conspiracy and one each of possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and violation of his oath of office.