Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Officer accused of battery and leaking information

A Gainesville Police Department internal investigation found that a former officer violated GPD policies by sharing confidential police information with a woman he was having sex with.

In addition, the State Attorney’s Office is looking into the woman’s accusation that the officer committed sexual battery on her.

Bostick was found in violation of the following Gainesville Police Department policies:
"Immoral, unlawful, or improper conduct or indecency, whether on or off the job, which would tend to affect the employee's relationship to his/her job, fellow workers' reputations or goodwill in the community."This includes violation of these GPD general orders:
Conduct unbecoming
Criminal conduct
Association with known offenders / person of questionable reputation
Investigative information
"Productivity or workmanship not up to required standard of performance."This includes violation of these GPD general orders:
Department-owned property
In-car audio/Video system procedures
Property and evidence control
Bostick failed to turn in certain department items, such as a clip-on GPD ID and removable laptop floppy drive after his resignation with GPD. GPD also found evidence items in his assigned patrol vehicle that he had failed to turn in as evidence. He also failed to set the correct date for his in-car videotapes, according to the GPD Internal Affairs report.

John Robert Bostick voluntarily resigned May 9 from GPD while the investigation was ongoing.

On May 8, GPD received a complaint alleging that Bostick committed sexual battery on a woman with an extensive criminal history, according to a GPD Internal Affairs report dated June 18.

The woman recorded the sexual battery on her video recorder and had numerous voicemail messages from Bostick on her cell phone, the report stated.

The only audible phone message that was recovered by GPD’s Computer Forensics Unit was of Bostick saying, “All right, girl. That’s the last straw there. I am declaring war, and that will be it. It’s JB. Later.”

The complaint also alleged that Bostick provided confidential information to the woman regarding ongoing criminal investigations, the report stated.

The woman refused to have sex with Bostick until he agreed to “look the other way” if he observed any illegal activity involving the woman and another person, according to the report.

Because the alleged sexual battery occurred outside of GPD’s jurisdiction, the Criminal Investigations Division of the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office was notified, according to the report.

Spencer Mann, spokesman for the State Attorney’s Office, said it will take about a week to decide whether Bostick will be prosecuted for the alleged sexual battery charge.

Gay Riot Police Officer Accused of Sexual Assault

Lee Gye-deok, a riot policeman who recently asked for a transfer to the military over frustration against the police' s violent suppression of candlelit protests, has been accused of sexually harassing his fellows in the camp.

Yongsan Police Station recently filed for a warrant for his arrest after reports he tried to touch the body parts of 13 colleagues without their permission. The alleged victims include his seniors and juniors.

The station said Lee has seven months to finish his term and they fear he will commit such offenses again. However, a court rejected the request for his arrest.

Lee drew public attention when he came out of the closet earlier this year. He recently filed for a transfer saying the environment did not fit his work and political ethics. The Ministry of Defense has reportedly turned down his request.

He was put behind bars late last month for neglecting his duty.

Some believe the allegations are a backlash due to his request, combined with homophobia in the society.

``This is how a smart man gets bullied for speaking the truth,'' one of Lee's friends said. ``If you really harassed a colleague during service you wouldn't be alive, especially if he is your senior!'' he added.

Corrections officer accused of touching female inmates


A corrections officer who worked in the Saline County Jail was fired and arrested Monday after he was accused of touching three female inmates.

Eric A. Taylor, 27, Bridgeport, had worked for the Sheriff’s Office for two years, but Sheriff Glen Kochanowski said he did not believe this had been a pattern of behavior.

“As far as we know, this was a one-time event,” he said. “It’s something that should never happen, but it happens.”

Kochanowski said the three inmates were housed together. Taylor allegedly touched them in a sexual way on June 24. When the sheriff’s office received information about the allegations, an internal affairs investigation and a sheriff’s office criminal investigation were launched simultaneously.

Taylor turned himself in and bonded out immediately, Kochanowski said.

TBI investigating officer accused of choking man


The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating a traffic stop involving a Mt. Juliet police officer accused of performing "vascular restraint" on a man suspected of trying to swallow drugs.

Jason Holleman, a lawyer for the city, said Thursday the TBI is looking into the April 4 incident in which Cpl. William Cosby stopped a vehicle driven by James Lawrence Anders Jr.

Interim Mt. Juliet police chief James Hambrick said Cosby performed "vascular restraint" on Anders when he suspected he was going to swallow drugs, and that Anders temporarily blacked out.

WTVF-TV in Nashville reports the incident was caught on Cosby's patrol car video camera and shows him putting his hands around Anders' neck and applying pressure before he loses consciousness.

Anders was charged with possessing marijuana, resisting arrest and tampering with evidence. But his attorney said the charges were dropped last week by a local judge at the request of the state attorney general.

Hambrick said Cosby was still on the job and given a written reprimand for the incident.