Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Woman Beat By Cop In Shreveport While In Custody

A Shreveport police officer has been fired after an incident in which a female prisoner taken into custody on suspicion of DWI wound up lying on a floor at the police station in a pool of blood.

Much of what happened was recorded on a videotape -- but there is a gap of undetermined length. During that time, the woman wound up injured. She said she was beaten up; the officer said she fell.

This typical jackass cop knew what he was doing when he turned off the camera.He had full intentions of hurting that woman. I hope he receives double the time for this crime. When cops get busted for doing things like this, I believe they should recieve more time. Maybe that would stop some of the asshats from doing this kind of things.

If you'd like to voice your opinion to the police dept or internal affairs
Chief of Police Henry Whitehorn Office: (318)673 - 6900

Assistant to the Chief Duane Huddleston Office: (318) 673 - 6908
Internal Affairs Captain Ray Goeckel Office: (318) 673 - 6906