Monday, February 18, 2008

Sand Springs Officers Using Steroids

There is an internal investigation regarding steroid use among some police officers at the Sand Springs Police Department.

Channel 2 sat down with Chief Daniel Bradley today who says he had no choice but to look into what he calls a "rumor" he could not ignore.One officer has been suspended with pay, but Bradley says this is a standard procedure and does not mean he is using.

The Sand Springs Police Department has had it's share of responding to emergencies. Now, its responding to an incident of its own.

"We are right in the heart of this investigation," Said Chief Bradley.

Bradley says an officer tipped him off to possible anabolic steroid use among officers employed with the department.

"You have got to run rumors down. Rumors left unchecked, or untested will harm an entity, especially a police department," Bradley Said.

So the investigation began..."The next step was to see if we could find any suspicion. I am not going to use the word truth, just suspicion, and we found some," Said Bradley.

He won't say how many, but will say "some" officers were brought in for testing.While he waits for the results, he touts a solid track record of no grievances filed in 13 years.

"That in and of itself has got to play a big part in the lack of grievances over the years," Said Captain John Mars.He says an open door policy is the best policy.

"When officers have issues that they need to go see the chief about, they have no trouble knocking on his door and going and sitting down with him and discussing things," Said Mars.

No word yet on what will happen to the officers if test results come back positive, but chief Bradley says steroids without a prescription are illegal...and he says he doesn't want to disturb public trust.

"We all share in maintaining integrity in this department and maintaining integrity is not easy," Bradley said.

Chief Bradley says all officers are subject to random drug testing. They are each tested when hired, but steroids is not a drug on the list.


I think I heard on the news that one officer has been fired, but I couldn't find the story anywhere.

The way some officers act like they are all jacked up on something, and they don't test for steroid use? WTF??? Cops think everyone else should be arrested and checked for drug use, why shouldn't they be subjected to the same?

I've been around a few officers that were more than likely on steroids, but no one ever says anything because they are the law. I have to pat the officer on the back that turned one of his own in...that's a bold thing to do. There needs to be more cops like you around.