Thursday, April 26, 2012

Officer Victor Rodriquez Arrested for harassing 13-year-old

The Laredo Police Department has arrested one of it's own, accused of harassing a 13-year-old girl.

 Police say the cop was sending inappropriate messages to the teen.

Our Annette Garcia spoke to the chief of police about the matter.

“I’m certainly disappointed. We expect our officers to act in a certain fashion and if they don't we are going to take action against that.”

Disappointed at the embarrassing arrest of one of their own.

Ten-year-veteran officer Victor Raul Rodriguez, arrested for harassing a 13-year-old girl by repeatedly calling the teen and sending her unwanted text messages.

"It was a 13 year old and even that in and of itself is troubling.”

Authorities say the messages were inappropriate in nature and were all sent on April 1st by the 35-year-old officer who is known to the victim.

“The victim wanted the person to stop and she wanted the person to stop the harassing phone calls but they continued.”

The next day a report was filed with police.

“That was reviewed by the district attorney's office who ultimately decides what charge will be filed.”

The chief of police says the case will not be taken lightly and says their investigation is far from over.

“From my perspective this person can loose his job. But it doesn’t necessarily require a conviction I’ll leave it at that.”

Officers he says, are held to the highest standards.

“I want the community to be rest assured that the organization is one they can be very, very proud of. We’ve done a lot in the community over the last few years and years before that in terms of protecting the community and we will continue to do so.”

Rodriguez was taken to jail this morning, where his bond was set at $30,000 dollars.

He will remain on administrative duty pending the outcome of the case.

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