Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Price of Weed

Several people have been asking me what is the average price for weed, so I thought I would break it down for the people who want to know.

Let’s start off with a DIME bag...$10.00
It will weigh approximately 2 or 3 grams, and will make 2 or 3 joints...depending on the size you make the joint.

Next up a 20 bag...cost $20.00
It will weigh approximately 5 to 6 grams, and will make 5 to 7 joints.

You can also buy a quarter bag...cost $25.00
Weighs approximately 6 to 7 grams, and makes 6 to 8 joints.

Next size normally sold is a half ounce...cost anywhere from $25...to $60...all depends on the quality of the weed to the price you will have to pay.
Weighs 14 grams...and makes around 14 to 20 joints.

For an ounce the cost runs somewhere between $50 to as high as $120...again it all depends on who you are getting it from and the quality of the weed.
Weighs 28 grams...and makes approximately 30 joints...depending on size rolled.

Next is the QP (Quarter Pound) which is 4 ounces and cost from $200 to $300.
Then we have the Pound (16 ounces) ...which will cost any where from $700 to over a $1000 dollars if the stuff is really good.

Hope this information helps...and happy smoking.