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Officer Jesus Sanchez in Court for Sexual Assault

A Salinas police officer charged arrested in July on suspicion of three counts of sexual assault was in court Tuesday. Prosecutors opted to charge Jesus Sanchez with two counts of sexual battery instead.

Tuesday Sanchez waived his right to a preliminary hearing and will go directly to trial.

The alleged assualt dates back to May of 2002 through May of 2005.
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Officer Angelo Passanisi Accused of Staging Hit-and-Run

The city police officer accused of staging a hit-and-run to cover-up his own accident applied for accelerated rehabilitation in Middletown Superior Court Tuesday.

Angelo Passanisi, along with his attorney, John Kelly, filed the necessary paperwork for the program with Judge Elpedio Vitale and now must wait until Feb. 17 to find out if the program will be granted.

Accelerated rehabilitation, also called AR, is a program that gives persons charged with a crime or motor vehicle violation for the first time a second chance. The person is placed on probation for up to two years. If probation is completed satisfactorily, the charges are dismissed.

Before Passanisi’s next court date Feb. 17, lawyers for the state will contact the alleged victim in the case to see if they object to the program being granted. In this case, the victim would be Passanisi’s car insurance company, whom he is accused of defrauding.

The company that insured Passanisi’s Jetta, Massachusetts-based Hanover Insurance Co., paid out $4,400 for work to repair the vehicle, with more money requested, and paid for a rental car for Passanisi to use while his car was being fixed.

Passanisi, who is free on $2,500 bond, is charged with tampering and fabricating evidence, insurance fraud and falsely reporting an accident in the second-degree.

After a night spent with friends at a local bar Sept. 23, Passanisi, 25, of Middletown, allegedly crashed his 2001 Volkswagen Jetta into a telephone pole while driving too fast and then made it look as though the damage had been done to his parked car by a vehicle that then fled.

Immediately following the crash, Passanisi reportedly contacted a fellow officer and informed him of the accident. The officer and Passanisi had spent time together earlier in the evening at a city bar. Passanisi would not tell the officer where the accident occurred but informed him that he was alright, according to the arrest warrant.

According to court records, Passanisi later reported to Middletown police at 2:45 a.m. that a vehicle sideswiped his parked car on Prout Hill Road and then drove off. A Middletown police officer came to the scene and took an accident report, and two officers unsuccessfully canvassed the area in search of a suspect vehicle, according to court records.

Passanisi confided in a fellow officer the next day that he had created an accident scene by placing pieces of debris from his damaged car on a lawn, according to court records.

The officer, who told his supervisor about the conversation on Oct. 14 and made a written statement the next day, wrote in the statement that though he never spoke of the incident with Passanisi again after the initial phone call, he heard Passanisi retell the story of his parked car getting hit and saw him driving a new truck, according to court records.

Also according to court records, the officer said he eventually came forward because he did not want to risk losing his job for someone else’s mistake.

According to court records, there was no evidence of paint transfer, usually present on a car that has been sideswiped, on Passanisi’s Volkswagen.

Passanisi has been a member of the Middletown Police Department since February 2008, and is currently on paid administrative leave pending the results of an internal affairs investigation.

Trial Begins for Deputy Gregory Bowden Accused of Enticing Child

The trial of a former Bibb County deputy accused of enticing a child for sex began Tuesday.

Gregory Todd Bowden, 43, of Byron, is accused of making arrangements in an online chat room to meet a mother and her 7-year-old daughter in Sandy Springs for sex. Unknown to him, he was chatting with an undercover FBI agent assigned to the Innocent Images Task Force.

In opening statements Tuesday morning in federal court, Bowden’s attorney said Bowden never believed the child was real or that she would be waiting for him when he arrived in Sandy Springs in 2009.

Instead, Bowden was planning on role playing with the woman he’d been chatting with using an incestuous fantasy, Macon attorney Franklin J. Hogue.

“He’s not proud of that. He’s shamed by that,” Hogue said. “But that is legal to do.”

But prosecutor Robert McBurney said Bowden had the intent to have sex with the fictional 7-year-old girl.

Sandy Springs police detective Elizabeth Concepcion, an FBI agent, testified she was monitoring a chat room in October 2008 when Bowden sent her a message. In an effort to catch individuals exploiting children, she portrayed a 30-year-old woman with a 7-year-old daughter.

In testimony that spanned at least three hours, Concepcion walked jurors through the chat room discussions, e-mails and phone conversations she had with Bowden between October 2008 and his arrest Feb. 11, 2009.

Jurors followed along on electronic monitors as McBurney and Concepcion read portions of sexually explicit chats and e-mails. They also viewed photos exchanged by the FBI agent and Bowden, including photos of a man’s genitals, a photo of Bowden’s face and a photo Concepcion sent Bowden portraying a woman and a child.

The conversation began with Bowden asking if Concepcion’s online identity, Tiff, would join an online role-playing relationship with Bowden and another person, she testified.

She replied saying that she was only interested in real-world activity. Over several chats, the conversation evolved to Bowden planning to meet Tiff and her daughter in Sandy Springs for sex, she said.

In chats and phone conversations, Bowden discussed how the girl would handle the situation, “good touch, bad touch” lessons taught in schools and assurance that the girl wouldn’t talk about the sexual encounter. On the morning of the planned meeting, Bowden called “Tiff” and said he was excited and nervous, but he also expressed concern.

“I don’t want to go to jail,” he said.

Concepcion testified she was waiting in the parking lot of a J. Christopher’s restaurant in Sandy Springs when Bowden circled the parking lot without parking. She said it looked like he was looking for police.

Police and FBI agents arrested him when he parked.

Michael Yoder, the FBI coordinator for Atlanta’s Innocent Images Task Force in February 2009, testified that Bowden told agents he didn’t think the girl was real.

But at some point in the FBI interview, Yoder said Bowden said he traveled to Atlanta to meet with “a 30ish-year-old woman and her daughter.”

Yoder said agents didn’t know Bowden was a Bibb County deputy until he told them he was “a cop” while he was being arrested.

In the days after his arrest, authorities seized a laptop computer from Bowden’s home and found 307 images of suspected child pornography, Concepcion testified.

David Freyman, a member of the FBI’s computer analysis response team, testified he found “registry cleaners” on Bowden’s computer that are used to erase a user’s online history.

While he didn’t find files of Bowden’s chats with Concepcion on the computer, he said he found references to them on the laptop.

He also found copies of other chats. At least one appeared to be with a father who claimed to being sexually active with his 12-year-old daughter.

Sexually explicit photos sent by both the father and Bowden also were recovered.

Freyman said he also found records of multiple chats in which Bowden and other people set a scene for sexual role-play discussions.

The prosecution rested its case Tuesday, and the defense is expected to begin this morning. Jury deliberations are expected to begin this afternoon.

If convicted, Bowden faces a minimum penalty of 10 years in prison and a maximum sentence of 20 years.

Information from The Telegraph’s archives was used in this report.

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Officer Bradley Jardis Called Unstable by Fellow Officers Returns to Work

A police officer who was called "unstable" by fellow officers and described by his chief as someone who "shouldn't wear the badge" of a law enforcement agency says he'll be back on the job tomorrow.

Officer Bradley Jardis is returning to work after passing a psychological evaluation ordered by selectmen who refused to fire him despite Police Chief Gregory Dodge's recommendation that he be terminated.

Jardis, 29, of Hooksett, is returning to the force after being suspended and placed on paid leave following an internal investigation. The probe resulted from a disagreement between him and then-Sgt. Sean Gallagher over the handling of a case last July.

In August, Dodge ordered that Jardis be suspended for insubordination and violating police procedures. Dodge recommended that Jardis be fired in October.

Jardis fought the suspension and demanded that a hearing on his appeal held on Nov. 30 be done in public.

Jardis has long claimed that he's been targeted by other officers who don't like him because of his political views and his affiliation with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a group pushing for the legalization of drugs.

Selectmen upheld the suspension, but decided against firing Jardis, who argued that the town had no grounds for termination.

During the public hearing, Dodge painted Jardis as a man who couldn't be trusted, has used poor judgment, and is a "liability to the town." Dodge also told selectmen that other officers voiced concern about Jardis' return, saying they feel he isn't stable and could exploit them by exposing personal and work-related issues. A statement of those concerns was signed by five officers.

Jardis has insisted that the chief brought up incidents from years ago during the November hearing that never resulted in any disciplinary action against him.

Dodge was unavailable for comment yesterday.

Selectmen agreed to reinstate Jardis depending on the results of a psychological evaluation. That test was completed on Jan. 5 with a doctor in Manchester at a cost of $5,775 to the town.

In his written report, Jardis said the doctor concluded that he was "fit for duty." Yesterday, Jardis said there was not a "single shred of evidence (submitted at the hearing) to prove anything to the contrary about my mental status, with the exception of a signed statement by five obviously disgruntled coworkers." Jardis also said it was "unfortunate that people were embarrassed by my choice to exercise my right to inform the public of everything, but embarrassment of other town employees does not make me 'mentally unstable,' nor does it make me unable to do my job effectively."

When asked whether he has concerns about returning, Jardis said, "I am a professional and will do my job appropriately. I would expect nothing but the same from my fellow co-workers."

Six Hollywood Officres Fired for Doctoring Police Report

Hollywood police fired six of its own this week -- most of whom were accused of taking part in the doctoring of a police report after a car crash with an alleged drunken driver.

The employees received notices last Wednesday that Police Chief Chad Wagner intended to fire them. But they were given five days to appeal to Wagner and met with the chief and their attorneys Monday.

Tuesday, they were fired: Officers Joel Francisco and Dewey Pressley, Community Service Officer Karim Thomas, Sgt. Andrew Diaz and crime scene technician Andrea Tomassi. A criminal investigation remains open.

Officer Oscar Sola-Vega was terminated for a separate matter related to an accusation that he worked his off-duty detail during his police shift Sept. 25.

The terminations of the other five stem from how they handled the reporting of a car accident about midnight Feb. 16, when Francisco rear-ended Alexandra Torrens-Vilas' car.

In a recording taken while Torrens-Vilas sat in the back seat of a police cruiser, officers can be heard discussing how to distort the facts to shift blame from the officer.

In a copy of that recording posted on The Sun Sentinel, parts of the conversation are muddled but one officer says what sounds like: ``We are going to bend this a little bit because she is drunk, so it is what it is.''

Torrens-Vilas was arrested on a drunken driving charge, but the case was later dropped.

The fired employees are expected to file grievances with City Manager Cameron Benson and ultimately will likely go to arbitration.

Jeff Marano, a union leader for the Police Benevolent Association, said Wagner reacted to the negative nationwide publicity about the case. ``I think it was pressure from elected officials on both the manager and the chief and the PBA is in it for the long road,'' he said.

Does the union have proof elected officials exerted pressure? ``I am hoping we can develop that proof,'' he said.

The union recently submitted a public record request to the city for communications involving Mayor Peter Bober and other officials about the investigations.

Bober could not be reached Wednesday but last week defended the chief's decision.

Attorney Al Milian, representing Diaz, questioned why Wagner fired the workers before the outcome of the state attorney investigation.

``I don't understand why the city of Hollywood decided to terminate them without a criminal probe completed,'' Milian said. ``You don't throw away decades of procedure and due process unless it's been politically motivated.''

But the majority of the City Commission expressed support for Wagner's actions. ``I have absolute full confidence in Chief Wagner and how he has handled it,'' City Commissioner Heidi O'Sheehan said after Wagner announced his intent to fire the employees last week.

Wagner, who rose through the ranks and was named interim police chief in 2007, did not respond to an interview request Wednesday.

Officer Richard Evans Arrested for Domestic Violence

A Columbus police officer was arrested on domestic-violence charges after an incident Monday morning at his ex-wife's home in Delaware County.

Richard L. Evans, 41, of 250 East St. in Sunbury, is charged with aggravated menacing, menacing by stalking, domestic violence and two counts of violating a protection order.

A judge ordered the 17-year Police Division veteran to submit to continuous GPS monitoring, to not have any weapons, and to stay away from his ex-wife, Laura L. Evans, who also is a Columbus police officer.

Richard Evans pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanors in Delaware County Municipal Court yesterday. He was being held in the Delaware County jail in lieu of a $150,000 bond.

Columbus police supervisors were notified of Evans' arrest on Monday, said Sgt. Rich Weiner, police spokesman.

A report on the incident gave no details, other than to say that Evans threatened his ex-wife. Delaware County Sheriff Walter L. Davis III did not return a phone call requesting information.

Evans already was under duty restrictions and not allowed to carry a gun because of a protection order prohibiting him from contact with his ex-wife, said Sgt. Jim Gilbert, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge No. 9.

Delaware County court records show that Laura L. Evans obtained a protection order against her ex-husband on Nov. 23. The couple's marriage ended with a dissolution May 14, 2009, according to Franklin County court records.

After the criminal case is settled, the police internal affairs bureau will investigate Monday's incident, Weiner said.

Evans could face discipline depending on what the investigation finds and what supervisors decide.

The FOP will represent Evans in his administrative cases with the Columbus police, Gilbert said. But he said that Evans is responsible for his own legal representation in the criminal cases in Delaware County.

The couple attended the Columbus Police Academy in 1992, and supervisors then said they were the first husband and wife to go through the training together.

Before that, they both worked as correction officers in Delaware County, according to a 1993 story in The Dispatch.

Sgt. Craig Martin Arrested for Inhaling Substances

Police sergeant arrested 2nd time

An Austin police sergeant has been arrested twice in the past few weeks after Central Texas law enforcement agencies say he was inhaling substances.

Cedar Park police arrested and charged Sgt. Craig Martin early Tuesday with illegal use or inhaling glue or paint, sheriff's spokesman John Foster said. He was booked into the Williamson County Jail but has since been released on bail.

No other details were immediately available.

Martin also was arrested about 3 p.m. Dec. 16 by Kyle police, city spokesman Jerry Hendrix said. Hendrix said that officers were dispatched to a Lowe's parking lot after receiving a report that a man was ingesting a substance from an aerosol can. He was charged with illegal possession and use of glue or paint.

Martin is assigned to supervise detectives in South-Central Austin. He has been placed on restricted duty.

Austin police Chief Art Acevedo said he is disappointed by the arrests of Martin and officer Leonardo Quintana, who was charged with drunken driving early Tuesday in Williamson County.

Acevedo said the department has numerous services available for officers and that "there is really no excuse for that type of behavior."

Officer Jessica Phillips Charged with Harassment

A Saint Paul police officer is accused repeatedly texting, emailing and leaving voicemails for another woman about sleeping with that's woman's ex-husband.

Officer Jessica Phillips was charged with two gross misdemeanor counts of harassment and one gross misdemeanor count of unauthorized computer access.

According to the criminal complaint, Phillips left a voicemail message that said "We had sex probably 10 times this month and I have actual pictures... if you would like to see them."

Phillips allegedly contacted the woman over 100 times.

The Saint Paul City Attorney has asked the Minneapolis City Attorney's Office to review the case to avoid a conflict of interest.

Officer Phillips is on paid administrative leave.

Ex-Officer Cody Theriot Arrested for Impersonating a Police Officer

The St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested a 27-year-old New Iberia man on a charge of impersonating a police officer.

According to a news release, patrol deputies spotted what appeared to be a law enforcement unit parked along La. 347 in Parks. The vehicle was described as a white Ford Explorer with license plate SLC462.

The vehicle was equipped with several decals commonly found on law enforcement units along with operable red and blue lights, an audible siren and a law enforcement push-style bumper.

At the time of his arrest, Cody Patrick Theriot allegedly was wearing tactical-style pants and a red and silver reflective “K-9 Search and Rescue Team” jacket. Deputies also discovered he was in possession of two official law enforcement badges, a semi-automatic handgun, riot baton, handcuffs, a police scanner and a K-9 tracking harness.

According to the release, Theriot is not a commissioned officer with any law enforcement agency.

He allegedly continued to give different names when officers asked for his real identity.

They later determined he had an active warrant for drug court with a $100,000 bond.

Anyone that may have encountered this vehicle or Theriot in this capacity is asked to contact the Criminal Investigations Bureau at (337) 394-2670 or (337) 394-3071.
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Rape Cases Handled by Officer Tyler Kennedy Will Be Re-Examined

A Los Angeles County prosecutor said Wednesday his office will re-examine rape cases investigated by a West Covina police officer in the wake of allegations of misconduct.

Deputy District Attorney Gary Hearnsberger, who leads criminal prosecutions in the Pomona branch of the District Attorney's Office, said rape cases worked by West Covina police Officer Tyler Kennedy would be scrutinized.

"My understanding is Kennedy is no longer working sexual assault cases, so it won't be a problem in the future," Hearnsberger said. "... we will have to look back ... at whether there have been cases in the interim that would cause a problem."

Kennedy could not be reached for comment at the West Covina Police Department. A cell phone assigned to him had been disconnected.

On Monday, officials suspended Kennedy for the second time in less than a year, according to department sources who spoke on condition of anonymity. The action came after a 49-year-old woman alleged Kennedy sexually harassed and propositioned her.

Kennedy was assigned to investigate an apparent spousal rape involving the alleged victim, documents show.

West Covina police Chief Frank Wills confirmed Wednesday his department is investigating Kennedy, but said the Police Officer's Bill of Rights prohibits him from commenting.

Kennedy's first suspension came late last year, sources said. The detective was demoted and returned to patrol after an internal affairs investigation, the sources said.

That investigation revealed Kennedy engaged in an intimate relationship with a 39-year-old woman who alleged she was sexually battered, harassed and secretly videotaped by her ex-husband in February, according to Hearnsberger and documents.

Kennedy opened an investigation into the woman's case and arrested her ex-husband, according court documents.

On March 20, Kennedy appeared in West Covina court and asked the ex-husband, who had been released on his own recognizance, be held without bail, court documents show.

Based on Kennedy's testimony, Judge Lesley Green increased the man's bail to $100,000, according to court documents.

The ex-husband was subsequently charged with three misdemeanors, but the case was thrown out in November when prosecutors learned of Kennedy's relationship with the alleged victim, Hearnsberger said.

"The relationship between Kennedy and the woman was ultimately reported to us" by internal affairs investigators, Hearnsberger said. "Because Kennedy was the investigating officer and (the relationship) calls his credibility into question ... there was a decision that it wouldn't be a viable case."

This newspaper does not identify alleged victims of sexual assault.

An attorney for the woman's ex-husband said Kennedy worked the system to keep the man in custody so the detective could continue his relationship with the 39-year-old woman.

"He had the bail imposed because he was trying to foster a relationship with the alleged victim," said the man's civil attorney, Arnoldo Casillas.

In September, the man filed a civil rights claim against West Covina seeking unspecified damages for false imprisonment and a damaged reputation. The City Council rejected that claim in November.

"(Kennedy) almost ruined my life," the man said. "He called my employer and told my boss that I was going to jail for a very long time for rape. I got written up and I'll never be able to get promoted."

Council members Mike Touhey and Sherri Lane said City Attorney Arnold Alvarez-Glasman advised them not to comment.

Mayor Shelley Sanderson and council members Steve Herfert and Roger Hernandez did not return repeated requests for comment.

"They're not returning your calls because they're acting in the best interest of the city," Alvarez-Glasman said.

An attorney from Alvarez-Glasman's office represented the West Covina Police Department in a Nov. 9 court appearance regarding the man's criminal case, according to court documents.

Alvarez-Glasman declined to comment on that court appearance.

In a related but separate investigation, officials said the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is continuing its probe into allegations of misconduct by Baldwin Park police Chief Lili Hadsell. That probe was requested by Hadsell.

The 49-year-old woman accused Hadsell's brother of spousal rape in 2008. That investigation was overseen by Kennedy.

The alleged victim, who had been Hadsell's sister-in-law, said she went to Hadsell for help after the alleged rape.

"I asked Lili for help right after he raped me," the woman said. "She told me not to say anything because it could jeopardize her position."

The District Attorney's Office declined to file rape or any other charges.

Kennedy sent the woman several text messages she claimed referenced sexual acts.

In one photo message sent to the woman's cell phone, Kennedy posed in a tank top.

The woman said she believes Hadsell used her familiarity with Wills to influence the West Covina rape investigation.

"They worked together for years in the San Marino Police Department," the woman said.

Casillas said he believes Kennedy was assigned to the case in order to cover up the rape.

"You have two police chiefs in neighboring towns and one police officer with a history of inappropriate conduct," Casillas said. "This is a coverup, and I will ask the United States Attorney's Office and FBI to investigate it."

Correctional Officer Alfonso Alanis Arrested for Embezzlement

A Fresno County correctional officer was arrested on embezzlement charges, it was announced on Wednesday.

Alfonso Alanis, 28, worked as a correctional officer for five years.

His duties include handling the release of inmates and their property from the jail.

He was arrrested after a two-week investigation that resulted in sheriff's detectives serving a search warrant at his Fresno home.

They were looking for stolen property reported missing by inmates who were being released from jail.

Authorities say Alanis was withholding cash and other property from the prisoners.

Officer Steven Campbell Charged with Attempted Murder & Rape

A police officer has appeared in court charged with the attempted murder and rape of a woman.

Steven Campbell, 40, is accused of allegations which span more than 13 years. It is alleged that on various occasions between January 1995 and October 2008, he tried to kill the woman at a number of addresses in East Kilbride, Airdrie and the Asda supermarket in Hamilton.

The charge includes claims that the Strathclyde Police sergeant shout, swore and "uttered threats of violence". It is said he assaulted the woman in various ways such as throwing her against a tractor.

The woman is also alleged to have been thrown against walls, door and furniture and had her throat compressed which restricted her breathing.

Campbell, of Hamilton, Lanarkshire, is then accused of raping his alleged victim during the same dates.

The charge includes claims that he indecently assaulted her with a sex toy and also took indecent photographs of her. Campbell also faces two firearms charges dating between January 1 2000 and October 9, 2008.

It is alleged that at a farm in Shotts, Lanarkshire, he possessed bullets without holding a relevant firearms certificate or having the permission of the Scottish Ministers.

Mark Moir, defending, said Campbell denied all charges during a hearing at the High Court in Glasgow on Wednesday. Mr Moir and prosecutor Bruce Erroch said inquiries were ongoing and that a trial date could not yet be set.

Judge Lord Turnbull adjourned the case for a further hearing in March.

Sgt. Robert Martin Found Huffing Aerosol Computer Cleaner

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo spoke out Wednesday after two officers were arrested within hours of each other in Williamson County.

On Monday, officers were called to an apartment complex on Colonial Parkway in Cedar Park, where they say they found Sgt. Robert Craig Martin surrounded by 36 cans of aerosol computer cleaner. Investigators say Martin was "huffing," or inhaling the canisters to get high.

This wasn't the first time Martin has been in trouble. He was also arrested by Kyle police on December 16 after someone claimed they saw him sniffing something from an aerosol can in a Lowes parking lot.

Wayne Vincent, president of the Austin Police Association, says constant stress and scrutiny can cause officers to fall prey to drugs and alcohol abuse. He also says that's no excuse for what Martin has been accused of doing.

"The problem is officers through their culture help people and very rarely no matter how hard you try, do they feel they need or deserve help themselves," Vincent said. "Make no mistake about it, it can be a career ending event."

Early Tuesday morning, just hours after Martin was arrested, APD Officer Lenny Quintana was arrested and accused of driving drunk, then crashing into a traffic circle at Saddle Blanket and Osage in Leander.

Quintana's arrest affidavit says he refused a breathalyzer and a blood draw.

The officer also says that Quintana's eyes were glassy and blood shot and that he failed a field sobriety test.

"It is an embarrassment; it's something we're not proud of," said Chief Acevedo. "But like I tell folks we're a reflection of the community that we serve; we're a reflection of society we don't grow officers in a little petri-dish and that sprout to be perfect humane beings."

APD has a psychologist on hand and numerous programs to help any officer who may face a substance abuse problem, and the chief says there's no excuse for officers to get out of control when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

In 2008, more than 200 officers took part in the employee assistance programs. In 2009, more than 600 turned to the program for help.

"We do care about our people, we care about our image, we care about our community," Acevedo said.

Chief Acevedo says in the past two and a half years, there have been approximately 10 officers cited for alcohol and drug abuse. He also says the department knew about Sgt. Martin's first arrest in December, and he's been off active duty ever since. Quintana is on restricted duty as well.

Officers Daniel Rodriguez & Jorge Baca Accused of Police Brutality

Two police officers accused of police brutality are under investigation by state authorities and prosecutors, the agencies confirmed Wednesday.

Officers Daniel Rodriguez and Jorge Baca arrested teenager Ewan Rose on Nov. 18, more than a year after his acquittal in a sexual battery case. The officers charged Rose, 18, with loitering, battery on a police officer and resisting arrest with violence.

Prosecutors with the Broward State Attorney's Office declined to file charges against Rose in late November.

Since then, a prosecutor with the Special Prosecutions Unit has been looking into claims the officers arrested the teen on false charges, battered him and engaged in official misconduct, State Attorney's Office spokesman Ron Ishoy said in an e-mail Wednesday. Prosecutors are reviewing the case to determine whether criminal charges will be filed.

Tony Livoti, a union attorney who is representing the two officers, could not be reached Wednesday for comment.

On Nov. 27, nine days after Rose's arrest, Sunrise Police Chief John Brooks put Rodriguez, 30, on administrative leave with pay, forcing him to turn in his gun and badge. The same day, Baca, 38, was taken off road patrol and assigned to desk duty. He also had to turn in his gun and badge.

Both officers earn $59,000 a year and joined the department on the same day in October 2007.

Sunrise officers arrested Rose in August 2007 on charges of burglary and sexual battery. A Broward jury acquitted him in the fall of 2008.

His run-in with Rodriguez and Baca came a year later. Brooks and other officials declined to discuss details, citing the open investigation.

Reached at her Sunrise home, Valarie Rose, Ewan's mother, referred all questions to her son's attorney, Jeff Ivashuk, who declined to comment Wednesday.

After learning of Rose's allegations of police brutaility, Brooks said, he referred the case to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the State Attorney's Office.

The FBI is keeping an eye on the case as well, according to officials. FBI spokeswoman Judy Orihuela said Tuesday she could not comment.