Friday, March 14, 2008

Woman from Kansas Stuck to the toilet seat

Now this is one messed up mind disorder.

Here is the most bizarre story that I’ve heard for the day. Apparently a 35 year old woman from Ness City, Kansas, sat on her boyfriends toilet for two years, and become stuck to the seat as her skin literally grew around the seat.

While she sat there in the bathroom, her boyfriend brought her food and water. He begged for her to come out, but he apparently never thought to call for help until Feb. 27. When Sheriff Bryan Whipple tried to remove her, she stated that nothing was wrong, and she didn’t want to leave. They finally persuaded her to go the hospital, after they pried the toilet seat off the commode with a pry bar. They were unable to remove the seat from her body and had to take it with her to the hospital.

The Sheriff said that the house was cluttered but not in a big mess, but still there was an overpowering smell obviously coming from the bathroom. She had open sores on her butt, which made the toilet seat stick to her backside. They said it appeared likely that she sat on the toilet seat continually for at least a month without bathing or changing her clothes.

Her boyfriend (McFarren) continued to have conversations with her all while in the bathroom. McFarren works at an antique store and said he has been taking care of the woman for the 16 years that they have lived together. He insisted that he tried to coax her out of the bathroom everyday, but she always would reply, ‘Maybe tomorrow.’
Doctors at the Wichita hospital told the boyfriend an infection in her legs has damaged her nerves and may leave her in a wheelchair. At this time she is said to be in fair condition.

The Sheriff is recommending charges be brought against the boyfriend for mistreatment of a dependent adult.

Now here is the problem with this...Why do they need to arrest this guy? Obviously this guy has as many problems as she does. They both need to have some counseling, not the stress of possible jail time.