Monday, September 14, 2009

Former Officer David Jones Arrested for Rape

A former Jeffersontown police officer is behind bars Monday after allegedly raping a woman.

And it's not the first time he's been in trouble with the law.

We are hearing from his wife now.

The suspect, David Jones, worked as a Jeffersontown police officer for 20 years before retiring back in 1994.

Now, Jones is behind bars, accused of raping a woman who he is related to by marriage.

“Defendant came up behind victim and pulled down her sweat pants. Victim asked defendant, what are you doing?”

This was Cecelia Jones' first chance to read the accusations against her husband David Jones.

“Victim screamed "no" but no one heard victim screaming...” the accusation said.

Former Jeffersontown police officer David Jones was arrested on a charge of first degree rape Saturday.

Even though Louisville Metro Police conducted the investigation, Jones' former brothers in blue from the J-town force took him into custody.

“They let him change his t-shirt, they did not handcuff him. They let him smoke. Rick Sanders also came. Of course, I was hysterical, I was hysterical,” said Jones’ wife.

The victim reported to police that she accompanied Jones to a rural farm in eastern Jefferson County.

There, Jones allegedly came up behind the woman, pulled down her sweat pants and raped her.

“I'm his best friend. It didn't happen,” said Cecelia Jones.

Jones' best friend and wife doesn't believe her story.

They say that Jones was medically unable to have committed the crime.

“She made the accusation that I didn't turn him on, but she did. Well if you see her, and you see me...” said Cecelia.

She also says the victim waited more than a day to report the crime.

“She came back Thursday and spent the night here after this happened. Now why would you come to stay in a home with the man who raped you?” said Cecelia.

Jones was already awaiting trial for allegedly kidnapping a man at gunpoint while impersonating a police officer in May.

Now, he's facing an even more serious charge.

The Jeffersontown police department had no comment about Jones' arrest, since it is LMPD's case.
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Cpl Brett Browand & Officer Chris Prongratz Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Two Auburn police officers, each with more than a dozen years of experience, could lose their jobs after allegations surfaced that they had sexual contact on duty with the same 18-year-old woman.

Auburn police Chief Martin McCoy asked the city’s board of works Thursday to fire Cpl. Brett Browand and Officer Chris Pongratz because of the allegations against them.

Both officers have asked for formal hearings to plead their cases in front of the board.

McCoy said a police department employee reported the allegations Sept. 1. The officers were suspended with pay Tuesday after an investigation.

Browand, who is a second-shift supervisor with 15 years on the force, is accused of having sexual contact with the woman on city property. Pongratz, a third-shift patrol officer who was hired 12 1/2 years ago, allegedly had sexual contact with the woman in his squad car in the parking lot of a local business.

McCoy would not say how many times the officers had sexual contact with the woman, though it occurred in May and June while they were on duty and in uniform, according to disciplinary forms.

The woman was not a crime suspect, McCoy said, but he would not elaborate on how the officers met her. The chief also declined to say where the alleged sexual contact took place.