Sunday, June 28, 2009

Video of LA Police Officer Kicking Compliant Suspect in Head and High-Fiving Other Cops

Not totally unlike the five Birmingham pigs who beat an unconscious man, or the Fresno pigs that beat a homeless man, or any number of other police brutality cases caught on video, a cop in Los Angeles kicked the head of a high-speed chase suspect while the suspect was on the ground face-down with his arms and legs spread out. Another cops runs in and hits the suspect with his flashlight. Another gets to the scene and sets his cop dog at the suspect's feet for a second. Quite proud of their unnecessary brutality, the cops then high-five each other.

Of course, the police chief instinctually covers for the pigs under his command and refuses to fault them despite the video evidence. "Don't believe your lying eyes," seems to be the cop refrain these days in such cases. El Monte Police Chief Tom Armstrong said, "I do not know what was in the mind of that officer, as to why he did that. I saw the individual turn his head toward the officer [because we all know turning your head when you are face down is cause for a justifiable kicking]." As for the officer with a flashlight seen striking the suspect in the video, Armstrong said, " appears (the suspect) had his arm underneath his body. You cannot see what was in his hand. [Again with the blame-the-suspect game, and as if flashlight hitting is the proper response to a mystery object in someone's hand.]" That officer has not been reassigned during the investigations. "This is going to be looked into, and it should be. ...I'm not here to make a decision or tell you what that officer did was overtly wrong until I know all the facts [because we all know not to believe our lying eyes]."