Friday, March 28, 2008

Portland Police Officer Charged With Domestic Assault

Westbrook, Maine

Police officer Brian Regan 39, a 14-year Portland police veteran, who has a history of using excessive force was arrested last Tuesday night for assaulting his wife. He was also charged with reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon while in his home in Westbrook.

Regan’s lawyer claim that is was his wife that attempted to shoot him and that was when the gun accidentally discharged while he was attempting to disarm her.

This wasn’t the first time Officer Regan has gotten into trouble. In 2002, Officer Regan was accused of brutality during an arrest that followed a high speed chase. He was later acquitted of charges, an internal investigation found that Regan had used excessive force and was suspended for six months.

This Jackass is currently free from the Cumberland County jail on a 500 dollar bail after this latest charge of domestic violence, and has been ordered not to have any contact with his wife.


If this guy is allowed to continue being a law enforcement officer, it will only be a matter of time before he kills someone. Get this guy out of a uniform before he tries getting away with legally murdering someone.

Officer Chris Hansen Charged with Grand Theft

Another thief cop wearing a badge.

Rapid City police officer, Chris Hansen has been charged with grand theft for taking 30 thousand dollars from the Rapid City Peace Officers Association-Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 2, where he was the treasurer.

Hansen was arrested last week, but had already resigned from the police department back in January. The resignation followed an internal investigation into Hansen’s work performance.


He knew he was wrong that's why he quit. You should have never had a badge.

Baltimore police officer accused of sexual assault

Jackass of the Day Award!!!

Baltimore police officer Troy Gee Sr., who has been on the force for 11 years, has been suspended without pay, after being charged with four sex offense counts, two counts of assault and one count of sexual CHILD abuse.

A police spokesman said that 32 year old Gee assaulted a 13-years old female relative Wednesday at his home. Officer Gee fondled the young girl while in his basement and wouldn’t let her leave. The young girl also told the police that Officer Gee took a photo of her with his cell phone camera.

The young girl waited until Gee left for work, before reporting to a relative what had happened. The relative then told the girls mother who immediately called the police.

Officer Gee is currently suspended pending an administrative review, which will take place after the court case has concluded.


And these are the fine men that we're suppose to look up too and trust. Makes me sick!! Hope he gets double the time for disgracing his badge. Hope you get held down and ass fucked until you almost bleed to death. Sick Fuck!!