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Former Chief Timothy Boyer Arrested for Sexually Molesting Young Girl

In a shocking case, a former police chief is in jail after confessing to sexually abusing a child for the last eight years--since she was eight years old.

Timothy Boyer was police chief of tiny Wynona from March 17 to June 16, when he resigned. Reports say that during his short tenure, Boyer wasn't popular with the town.

As it turns out, he had a secret: eight years of sexually molesting a young girl, now 16 years old. Boyer voluntarily turned himself in to the Sand Springs police department and admitted the years of abuse. He's in the Tulsa County jail with bond set at $200,000.

He's been charged with rape by instrumentation and lewd molestation of a child under 16. Boyer reportedly told officers that he performed "everything but intercourse" in his sexual acts with the child.

Boyer previously worked in two other Oklahoma police departments, as well as working as a registered nurse.

Officer Wade Langer Arrested for Sexual Assault Against Child

Former Center police officer Wade Langer, 36, was arrested at his home, July 2, by Center Police on a warrant issued out of Mesa County alleging nine counts of sex assault against a child and one count of first-degree sex assault.

After his arrest last Thursday, Langer was taken to the Saguache County Jail. He was handed over to the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office Friday, the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office reported. He is being held without bond.

Later it was determined that the investigation into Langer’s activities is being conducted by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, (CBI). A CBI spokesperson stated that the warrant in Langer’s case has been sealed until the investigation is concluded.

When asked what circumstances might lead to a sealed warrant, Denver press information officer Lance Clem commented that this often is done to protect the identity of a minor or when the case is still under investigation.

Mesa County records indicate that Langer also was charged with a sexually related offense in 2001 that was later judged to be unfounded.


Langer came to Center from Grand Junction. He resided in Center with his wife and three step-children where he served as a Center Police Officer for two years. Langer resigned last summer after contesting a speeding ticket issued by the Colorado State Patrol. He said he submitted his resignation to accept another position as a police officer.

Charges from Langer’s speeding ticket were successfully contested and later dropped. He was able to prove that he had been called to a family emergency that could have involved a life or death situation.

Langer also is named in a suit filed Dec. 4, 2008 by Maria J. Cisneros. Cisneros alleges that Langer and two fellow officers at that time searched her home without a proper search warrant. The civil action filed in U.S. District Court on Cisneros’ behalf states that, “On May 15, 2008, a notice of claim was submitted to the Town of Center, via registered mail, pursuant to requirements of C.R.S. § 24-10-109, Exhibit E. There was no response to the notice of claim from any of the Defendants or their agents.”

Langer denies that events unfolded as Cisneros states in her complaint. Cisneros cites violations of the fourth and fourteenth amendments to the U.S. Constitution and is seeking damages for emotional injury and the use of excessive force.

In the course of protesting the search, Cisneros says she was treated roughly while being arrested and later sought treatment at San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center. At the time she was recovering from breast cancer surgery.

Deputy Ian Quick Arrested for Burglary

The following is a press release from the Pinal County Sheriff's Office:

On July 10, 2009 Pinal County Sheriff’s Office investigators arrested Pinal County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Ian Quick for charges relating to residential burglary and theft of property in the Florence area reported to the Sheriff’s Office on July 08, 2009.

On June 10, 2009 at approximately 10:00 p.m. deputies were called to the 27000 block of North Aladdin Road in Florence regarding a possible burglary in progress.

When deputies arrived on scene they were approached by a male subject who they immediately recognized as Deputy Ian Quick. Deputy Quick told responding deputies he had permission to be on the property and was picking up some corral panels. Responding deputies inquired as to why Deputy Quick was on the property so late in the evening and he informed them it was his day off and that he had a sick family member at home and was not able to leave the residence any earlier. Deputies reported they had no reason to believe Deputy Quick’s story was not legitimate and cleared the scene.

On July 08, 2009 the victim contacted the Sheriff’s Office to report that several corral panels had been stolen from the residence. The victim reported the panels were valued at more than $2,000. The victim told investigators that Deputy Quick did not have permission to be on her property nor did he have permission to retrieve the panels. She advised she and her husband spoke with Dep. Quick, who denied taking the panels.

After receiving the report from the former resident of the property, Sheriff’s Office Property Crimes investigators opened a criminal investigation into the burglary and theft of the corral panels and Deputy Quick was placed on paid administrative leave.

“Nobody is above the law. I want the public to understand I will not tolerate nor give special treatment to anyone, including my own deputies,” said Sheriff Paul Babeu. “I am confident we have handled this investigation well and justice will be served.”

After conducting their investigation including several interviews, Sheriff’s Office investigators arrested Deputy Ian Quick. Deputy Quick was booked into the Pinal County Adult Detention Facility on charges of burglary and theft. Deputy Quick was released on his own recognizance and ordered to appear in front of Judge Lusk in Apache Junction at the end of July.

Sheriff Paul Babeu commented, “Though it troubles me that a deputy would commit these crimes, we cannot allow his actions to bring discredit to the dedication and commitment of the many men and women of the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office who are honorable servants and protectors.”
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Feds Arrest 2 Deputies for Trafficking Methanphetamines

Federal agents arrested two Hockley County Sheriff's Deputies in a drug raid Friday.

They charged 28 defendents, including the deputies, in a 110-count federal indictment for trafficking methanphetamines since 2003 in West Texas, California, and Arizona.

"What in the world is going on? There was a loud boom," said Deedria Ellis who lives across the street from a house federal agents searched Friday. The boom was a flash bomb used when the agents forced their way into the Levelland house, belonging to Bobby Froman. It was the culmination of a multi-agency investigation lasting several months.

Friday, federal, state and local law enforcement arrested 23 of the 28 defendants involved in methanmphtamines trafficking. Froman's house stands across the street from a day care as well as Ellis' home where she lives with a 6-year-old son. Ellis said, "I was expecting something like this to happen. I knew it was going on."

During the investigation Friday morning, ATF called Hockley County Sheriff's Department's Chief Deputy Gordon Bohannon to help with the raid, but when he got there they arrested him instead and searched his car.

Ellis said the officer's involvement didn't surprise her either. "I knew Bohannon was crooked from the day I met him," she said.

It did surprise the Hockley County Sheriff, David Kinney, that two of his officers were involved. "I got a call this morning from an FBI agent about 7:30 a.m., and he advised me that he had my chief deputy in custody," said Kinney.

Chief Deputy Bohannon and narcotics officer Jesse Quintanilla were among those arrested. Kinney knew the two officers were involved with Froman, but thought their relationship was professional because they used Froman as an informant.

Kinney says the FBI contacted him about these two officers involvement with Froman about a month ago, but told him there was nothing for him to worry about. He does not know of any other officers involved in the drug trafficking. "If my guys are guilty of this, then they need to be under the jailhouse because they know better," said Kinney.
Two Hockley County Sheriff's Deputies arrested in large, federal drug raid

Officer Eddie Smith Jr Waives Right to Hearing for Attempted Bank Robbery

A Fort Washington police officer who allegedly tried to burglarize a Temple Hills bank June 10 waived his right Thursday to a preliminary hearing in his upcoming trial.

After being arrested by his coworkers in police District 4, Eddie Smith Jr., 41, was suspended without pay.

His attorney, John McKenna of Upper Marlboro, did not immediately return calls for comment.

Ramon Korionoff, a spokesman for the Prince George's County's state's attorney's office, said the office and the defense are working together to come up with a possible plea bargain.

Smith's next court date had not yet been determined, he said.

A 16-year veteran of the force, Smith was not on duty at the time of the incident but was carrying his department-issued handgun and was wearing his uniform.

Smith remained outside the SunTrust Bank at 4625 Old Branch Ave. during the attempted burglary while codefendant Earl Blake Sr., 52, of Capitol Heights tried to break into the bank's vault, police said.

The two men were found with burglars' tools, such as crowbars, an electrical cord, a cut-off saw and saw blades after fleeing from the scene.

Police picked up Blake on a nearby road and later picked up Smith after identifying him as a suspect.

Smith was charged with burglary, malicious destruction of property, for the damage to the vault, and with using a handgun in the commission of a felony. He was also charged with possessing and permitting the use of burglars' tools with intent to use in the commission of a burglary.

The criminal investigation has been turned over to the FBI. Richard Wolf, a spokesman for the bureau's Baltimore field office, said Friday the investigation is ongoing. After the criminal investigation and prosecution are completed, county police will begin an internal investigation.

Smith's next court date had not been determined, Korionoff said Thursday.

Blake was charged with burglary, malicious destruction of property and possessing burglars' tools with intent to use in the commission of a burglary.

Blake is being represented by public defenders Dent Lynch and Anne Gold-Rand.
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Trial Date Set for Officer Kachina McAlexander Accused of Shooting at Deputies

A trial date has been set for a Denver police officer accused of shooting at Custer County deputies and a South Dakota Highway Patrol trooper.

A trail for 31-year-old Kachina McAlexander, who faces three counts of aggravated assault, has been set for Oct. 6-8.

McAlexander was arrested March 24 at a Super 8 Motel after law enforcement officers were called to her room. That's when McAlexander allegedly shot at the deputies and trooper.

McAlexander, who is out on bond, has pleaded not guilty.

Last month, a judge dropped attempted murder charges against McAlexander, of Aurora, Colo.