Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Officer Justiniano Biturin Accused of Beating Bar Owner

MANILA, Philippines

The Manila Police District (MPD) wants one of its members to answer an accusation that he beat up a comedy bar owner and took the his money and the cell phone of the owner's assistant early Wednesday morning.

The 43-year-old bar owner, Apollo Portez, a resident of España Avenue, Sampaloc, Manila, suffered bruises from the incident, according to Police Officer 3 Reginald de los Reyes of the MPD General Assignments Section.

In his complaint, the Portez said the policeman, Senior Police Officer 1 Justiniano Biturin, entered his bar on España Avenue at about 5:30 a.m. with two women. Biturin, who's assigned to a Police Community Precinct at the University Belt, ordered food and drinks.

After eating, the cop approached Portez and asked for a 10 percent discount, to which the owner agreed. But then the cop apparently changed his mind and asked if he could just leave without paying.

Portez refused, insisting that he could only give a 10-percent discount.

Angered, the cop reportedly mauled the victim. He even took the owner's wallet, which contained P P1,000.

The owner's assistant, 22-year-old Christopher Taplac, tried to stop the policeman. But the lawman turned his ire on him and even took his Nokia 2100 phone.

The MPD-GAS has invited the policeman to appear at the office to shed light on the incident.

Aside from the criminal charges, the policeman may also face administrative charges and summary dismissal proceedings. - GMANews.TV

Officer Jeffrey Pennaz Arrested for Drunk Driving


An officer with the Minneapolis Police Department is facing DWI and child endangerment charges after being arrested in Plymouth Tuesday night.

A citizen suspected that 36-year-old Jeffrey David Pennaz was driving drunk, and called police around 7:00 p.m. Officers stopped Pennaz, who was driving with his two children in the car.

Pennaz was arrested on probable cause drunk driving. According to the Hennepin County Jail rosters, he was released pending charges.

Officer Arrested After Shooting and Standoff at Gym

Montreal police are investigating an incident involving one of their own officers who allegedly went into a local gym, barricaded himself in an office, took out his gun and began firing into the ceiling and walls.

Witnesses said the officer walked into Pro Gym, a 24-hour fitness centre, shortly after midnight on Tuesday and began acting erratically.

"The man had a gun that scared everyone inside," police spokesperson Const. Anie Lemieux said.

The officer, who is not a member of the gym, allegedly hopped on a treadmill in full police uniform and began jogging and talking to himself. Witnesses said he did this for about 10 minutes, during which time he also shouted at people in the club.

At one point he turned to an employee and, without being asked, said, "Look, I'm a calm guy, I never use my gun," gym manager Joe Maglione said.

"Right there, that's when the employee from the centre went to reception and goes, 'Hey, call the cops, this guy's not all there.'"

The officer, who apparently works at a police station across the street from the fitness club, barricaded himself in an office when police arrived. That's when he allegedly fired eight bullets into the ceiling and walls. He also began to destroy fitness equipment.

"He broke a glass door when he went in, he took dumbbells (and) he threw them against the windows, on mirrors. Look, this cop had a problem," Maglione said.

CTV Montreal showed video of the aftermath of the damage. Broken glass was strewn throughout the gym, mirrors were smashed, and there were bullet holes in the walls.

The four-hour standoff ended after police talked their colleague into opening the door. That's when police shot rubber bullets at the "incoherent" man, Lemieux said.

No one was seriously injured, and the 33-year-old man was taken to hospital for psychological testing. Police did not release any information about the officer's mental health or details about his tenure on the force.

Witnesses said the fact that he was a police officer didn't shock them.

"Just because he was a police officer doesn't make him special," one witness said. Another added, "The guy went crazy. It happens. Life goes on."