Monday, November 30, 2009

Lt Ulysses Austin Arrested for DUI

An Albany Police officer is arrested driving DUI early Sunday morning.

Lt. Ulysses Austin, a 25 Year veteran of APD and Patrol officer supervisor, was arrested for DUI around 1:00 Sunday morning on Blaylock Street in Albany at a Georgia State Patrol task force road block.

Nearly a dozen Troopers were conducting the road block targeting DUI drivers.

Albany Police Chief John Proctor said he will assign Lt. Austin to a different duty while an internal affairs investigation into his arrest is completed.

Officer Christian Cathey Arrested for Drunk Driving

Police say an off-duty Memphis police officer was arrested for DUI after he drove into the gate of a driveway.

According to a police affidavit, 24-year-old Christian Cathey was driving a Jeep Wrangler when he hit the gate of a driveway in the 8400 block of U.S. Highway 70, early Friday morning, November 27, 2009. The police document states when officers arrived at the scene, Cathey was asleep in the driver’s seat of his running Jeep, parked in the backyard of the home.

Officers say in the police document, when they awoke Cathey, he had bloodshot, watery eyes, slurred speech and smelled of alcohol. Cathey told officers that he drank four cups of beer earlier Thursday evening. Police say Cathey performed poorly on a field sobriety test and refused to take a blood alcohol test.

Cathey has been charged with Driving Under the Influence and Public Intoxication.

According to a Memphis police spokesperson, “Officer Cathey has been routinely relieved of duty until further investigation.”

Officer Donald Frick Accused of Robbing Private Dancer at Gunpoint

A Reynoldsburg police officer accused of robbing a private dancer at gunpoint was arraigned on felony charges Monday.

Donald Wilson Frick, 26, was arraigned Monday. He was not incarcerated and wasn’t given a bond. He left the courtroom after the arraignment.

Frick was indicted on three felony counts Tuesday, Nov. 17, including one count of aggravated robbery (felony of the first degree), one count of robbery (felony of the second degree) and one count of robbery (felony of the third degree).

All three counts have a firearm specification.

Robin Bruce, 21, said she went to Frick’s home in late October after she was hired to perform some type of private dance.

The dancer said Frick paid her $150 but after he learned the exchange would be just a dance and nothing more intimate, prosecutors said he became violent.

Bruce said she called people who were outside waiting for her in their car and they removed her from the location.

Officials said there are multiple robbery charges because there are different ways to commit a robbery and each method involves a separate count.

Frick is on administrative leave from the Reynoldsburg police department.

He has been a street officer since 2006 and has had two accidents since being on the force. Other than the accidents, his record is clean.

Officer Arrested for Rape

A police officer was arrested for allegedly raping a 13-year-old girl since March this year, Mpumalanga police said on Monday.

The officer was arrested in Moloto at the weekend, Superintendent Abie Khoabane said.

"When the first rape occurred, the girl reported the matter to her grandmother whom she lived with in Moloto. The grandmother did not believe her and the rapes continued."

The police officer and the girl were neighbors.

"After some months the girl's performance at school as well as the way she behaved changed... Her teacher then took her for counseling, that is when she spoke of what happened to her. She was then taken for medical examinations."

Police were called in and the officer was arrested.

Officer Robert Todd Arrested for Drunk Driving

Police arrested a man they said was drunk behind the wheel in Englewood and the suspect turned out to be one of their own.

Robert Adam Todd, 25, a Butler Township police officer, was arrested Wednesday night after police said he crashed into another car while driving intoxicated.

Sgt. Mike Lang said, "Officers responded to an accident at Main Street at the Englewood Dam."

Police said Todd rear-ended another driver sitting at the red light. However, when officers showed up to process the scene of the crash, they recognized the driver at fault. "One of the officers responding knew he was a police officer," said Lang.

They also suspected that the driver was drunk.

Police reports indicate that Todd failed all three sobriety tests that he was given, although he denied having anything to drink. He said he didn't see the other driver's brake lights. Officers said he refused a breathalyzer test.

Sgt. Lang said, "Enough clues were present to place him under arrest."

The Butler Township Police Chief, Danny Hobbs, said he has never had to deal with one of his own officers facing criminal charges.

"I found out early Thursday morning, " said Hobbs. "He's a good officer. I had no prior problems with him."

Chief Hobbs said the two and a half year veteran called him to apologize and knows that he made a mistake. "We are held to a higher standard, but we are human. We make mistakes. These these things happen," said Hobbs.

Officer Todd is now on unpaid administrative leave.

The chief did not want to speculate on the future of Todd's job, and said he will wait for the court's decision and then conduct his own standard of conduct investigation.

Officer Dustin Bradshaw Fired for Tasering 10-year-old Girl

The mayor of a small Arkansas town says the police officer who used a stun gun on an unruly 10-year-old girl has been fired for violating department policy — not for using the Taser but for failing to use the camera attached to it.

Ozark Mayor Vernon McDaniel says Officer Dustin Bradshaw's termination was effective Friday. The mayor says he received notice of Bradshaw's firing on Monday morning.

According to a police report, Bradshaw used the Taser on the girl on Nov. 11 after receiving a call about a domestic disturbance. The report says the girl's mother gave Bradshaw permission to use the stun gun if needed.

A phone number for Bradshaw couldn't immediately be found Monday. The mayor says Bradshaw will still receive unpaid vacation and holiday time.