Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Derryl Jenkins Beat by Officers for Speeding

The police chief in Minneapolis says he will ask the FBI to investigate the beating of a man who was stopped for speeding by officers.

The beating was captured on a squad car dash camera and shows six officers punching and kicking the 42-year-old man. Derryl Jenkins was stopped Feb. 19 for allegedly going 15 miles per hour over the speed limit.


Chief Tim Dolan says "the public will want an investigation" into the incident.

Officers said in their police reports that Jenkins resisted arrest so they had to subdue him before placing him in two sets of handcuffs.

Jenkins ended up at North Memorial Medical Center where he had seven stitches above his eye. He was charged with assault and with refusing to submit to alcohol tests, but those charges have been dropped.

Officer Christopher Hughes Arrested for Drunk Driving

A Sacramento police officer has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, the California Highway Patrol said Tuesday.

Officer Christopher Hughes, 39, was booked over the weekend, CHP Officer Lizz Dutton said.

Dutton said the case was reported as a medical emergency Saturday afternoon at Hazel Avenue and Piedra Way.

Hughes' vehicle was spotted in a lane of the road and he slumped over the steering wheel, Dutton said.

When CHP officers responded, they found Hughes was found to be intoxicated, the CHP said.

Sacramento police Sgt. Norm Leong confirmed the arrest and said the department is conducting an administrative investigation.

Officer Finess Brown Accused of Hitting Wife for the Third Time

No charges were placed against a Murfreesboro Police officer accused by his wife for the third time of hitting her during an argument Thursday at their home, a supervisor reported.

Wife Catina D. Brown, 36, accused husband, Officer Finess Brown, 37, of hitting her in her right eye during an argument over the car keys, a cellular telephone and her reference to a man about 8:45 p.m. Thursday, Sgt. Garry Carter reported.

The wife didn’t have any visible injuries, Carter reported.

She accused him in June 2007 and in February of domestic assault. She agreed in court in February to attend counseling sessions with her husband with a minister. She has an order of protection against her husband but agreed to let him live with her.

Circuit Court Judge J. Mark Rogers told Officer Brown in February he didn’t want a pattern to develop.

“Mr. Brown, if things fall through, you should remove yourself from the process,” Rogers said. “If something develops — and I’m not going to order it — you remove yourself from the situation.”

Mrs. Brown told Carter Thursday she was trying to leave the home but her husband would not give her the keys. They argued earlier because she said he would not let her see the phone numbers on his cell phone.

The wife told her husband, “The man was right. I can make it on my own,” Carter reported.

She accused her husband of going into a rage and demanded to know who the man was. She reported he hit her in the eye between 8 and 8:30 a.m. She also told Carter her husband told her she deserved what she got when he hit her in the temple and spit on her.

The wife said she replied, “OK, you finally admit that,” Carter reported.

She told Carter her husband threatened her if she called police. She did not want to prosecute him.

Police spokesman Kyle Evans said Detective Jennifer West is investigating.

Officer Brown didn’t want to comment, except to say he worked during the weekend and no one from the police department has questioned him about his wife’s report.