Monday, August 03, 2009

Deputy Arrested for Assault

A Comanche County Sheriff's Deputy faces an assault charge after a woman and witnesses say he pulled her out of her car and began beating her. It happened in the Sheridan Road Wal-Mart parking lot. According to police reports, the off-duty deputy and his wife were in their car when they got into an argument with the woman over her driving.

People in both cars were accused of flipping each other off. At some point during the argument, witnesses tell police the deputy pulled the woman out of her car, slammed her to the ground, and started hitting her. Police issued the deputy an arrest summons for assault and battery. He has not been charged. Police reports state Wal-Mart management banned him from their property.

Christopher Vezeau Arrested for Drunk Driving

A Hudson police officer was arrested on drunken driving charges following accident early Saturday morning on Forest Avenue, said Police Capt. David Stephens.

Christopher Vezeau, who has been on the police force for two and a half years, was charged with drunken driving and failure to keep in the right hand lane after a one-car accident at 2 a.m. Saturday, said Stephens.

"We're treating it like any other OUI arrest," said Stephens. "Nothing has changed. We're not trying to hide it. It is unfortunate."

Nobody was injured in the accident, said Stephens.

Vezeau was arraigned today in Marlborough District Court.

Correctional Officer Stephen Mencer Used Cameras to Watch Inmates Shower

A Maury County correctional officer received a written warning for, according to the sheriff, watching female inmates in the shower.

The rookie officer, Stephen Mencer, did not hang the camera, he did not hide the camera and he did not turn it. The sheriff said he was taking advantage of some ill placed equipment.

Virtually every square inch of the Maury County jail falls within camera range, but camera 42 was the one that got the correctional officer in trouble with the sheriff.

"He's had a written reprimand, and [been] Informed that this is not proper to do this," said Maury County Sheriff Enoch George.

George admitted camera 42 was improperly aimed when it was installed just this year.

The camera might have been off-center, but George said officer Mencer's remarks were off-color and co-workers complained.

"If you're a jokester, or a prankster, or whatever - you like to horseplay, then things catches up with you," said George.

The sheriff commended Mencer's cohorts for blowing the whistle. He stood by his decision to warn the officer and not fire him.

"He was sitting here in the control room, where we're at right now, looking at a monitor," said George.

The sheriff admitted everyone deserves privacy even if it was in jail. He did not have the best video vantage point.

"It was certainly not a clear view of anybody. You couldn't make out who anybody was," said George.

The camera's been re-directed so officers in the control room can monitor the hallway not the shower.

George said there was no evidence to suggest Officer Mencer was video-taping the women or sharing anything with any outsiders.