Sunday, May 18, 2008

NYPD sergeant accused of Molesting Boy

A sergeant assigned to New York City's Police Academy has been jailed on $500,000 bond after being charged with sexually preying on a child for six years.

Manhattan prosecutors said Friday that 38-year-old Jaime Katz is charged with criminal sex act and endangering the welfare of a child.

Katz is a 10-year police veteran and a former president of the Gay Officers Action League.

Prosecutor's spokeswoman Jennifer Kushner says the abuse began when the boy was 12.

Kushner says some of the encounters occurred in Katz's Rockland County house and at a relative's home in Bergen County, N.J.

Katz's lawyer, Andrew Quinn, did not immediately return a call for comment.

His next court appearance is May 21.

Oklahoma Teen Bitten Between Legs By K9 Cop

Oklahoma City police are facing allegations of brutality, after a 15-year-old boy claims officers used a K-9 to help arrest him and then bite him between his legs.

15-year-old Mark Adkins is now facing several charges after taking a joy ride in stolen car and getting into a short pursuit with police in southwest Oklahoma city. But along with the charges he's now facing an uphill battle with his health after being captured by a K-9 officer that tore away flesh along with his scrotum.

Mark says "the doctors told me they didn't think they would be able to stitch me back together."

Mark's mother, Michelle, says "he was in trauma for 7 to 9 days and I've just never seen anything like this done to a minor."

Capt. Steve McCool of the Oklahoma City Police Department says "obviously they're not trained to bite in this particular area of the body."

Officers say Mark was not handcuffed when the dog attacked, and claim the animal was just doing what it was trained to do.

Capt. Steve McCool says "you had the officer on top of the individual, they're on the ground, the guy's resisting, the dog is trying to assist the handler with this aggressive behavior the best he can."

Mark says "I can't explain how painful it was. It was like being tied up and eaten alive."

But Mark says he was no longer resisting. His mother now hopes legal action will help the police admit they were wrong.

Michelle says "there are some good officers out there and there are some bad ones, but I think in order to clean it up let these officers take responsibility for what they do to the public."

Police are still investigating the incident and as of Thursday, neither the dog nor his handler has faced any disciplinary action.


Of course they are not going to recieve any disciplinary action. In their eyes the kid deserved what he got and they are probably still laughing about what happened. Personaly I don't think dogs should be allowed to attact another person because some lazy ass cop didn't want to take the bad guy down using his own strength.
I hope he sues and wins!!