Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dwight Madison Tasered at Jail Hits Head and Dies

A man taken into the Harford County Detention Center Friday night died after police say they were forced to tase him when he began fighting with officers.

On Thursday night Harford County Sheriff's Deputies arrested 48-year-old Dwight Madison for trespassing. At around 1:30 the next morning, deputies tried to fingerprint Madison when they say he became uncooperative. Madison was then placed in a holding cell. A few hours later, shortly after 9 a.m., police say they tried again to fingerprint Madison.

Police say Madison fought with deputies and even tried to choke one of them. After a lengthy struggle one of the officers deployed a TASER, striking Madison in the upper leg. Madison fell to the floor and hit his head.

An ambulance was called to the jail and Madison was taken to Upper Chesapeake Medical Center for treatment. He died Saturday.

One of the officers was also treated for minor injuries.

The incident remains under investigation.

Officer Michael Ficken Charged with Misconduct

A Prior Lake police officer was charged today with misconduct by an officer and three misdemeanor crimes after he allegedly ran the license plate of a car that was parked at the home of his former girlfriend, then caused a disturbance after finding her and a man in her bedroom.

Michael A. Ficken, 34, of Prior Lake, was charged in Scott County District Court with one count each of misconduct by a public officer, which is a gross misdemeanor, as well as misdemeanor disorderly conduct, damage to property and fifth-degree assault.

Court papers say that on June 10, while he was on duty, Ficken went to the home owned by a woman in Prior Lake, where he once lived. He had been given until June 15 to move out his belongings. Ficken had a key and always had contacted the woman who owns the residence before going there, according to court papers. This time, however, he did not call before arriving.

When he saw a car he did not recognize in the driveway, he ran the plate, then entered the house to try to contact the woman. He allegedly broke down a bedroom door as the woman tried to hold it shut, then yelled at her and a man who also was in the room. Ficken was in uniform and was wearing his gun and Taser at the time. He did not draw the weapons, though he placed his hand on his gun, court papers say.

Because of a potential conflict of interest, the case is being prosecuted by the Dakota County attorney's office. Ficken was released from jail on his own recognizance today after appearing in Scott County District Court.

Former Deputy Rodney Thompson Accused of Stalking

A former Campbell County and Bedford County sheriff’s deputy accused of stalking was denied bond in Lynchburg Circuit Court Friday morning after appealing his conviction in general district court.

Late last month, Rodney Thompson, 35, of Forest, was sentenced to four months in jail for stalking a woman with whom he had an off-again-on-again relationship for seven years.

He would have been released from jail June 6 with time served since early April and credit for good behavior, his attorney, Joseph Sanzone said during Friday’s bond hearing.

After Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Jennifer Bennett told Judge Leyburn Mosby that Thompson had threatened the woman’s life, however, Mosby said Thompson should remain jailed until he can be scheduled for a jury trial in early July.

“The court can’t take chances with people’s lives,” Mosby said.

An additional charge of stalking filed earlier in Campbell County, covering much of the same February-through-April time period as the Lynchburg charge, was dropped by prosecutors there Friday pending the resolution of the Lynchburg case.

Officer Jose Diaz Arrested for Assaulting Daughter

A Springfield police officer is under arrest for allegedly assaulting his daughter.

Police arrived at 45 year old Jose Diaz's Roosevelt Ave. home late Friday afternoon for a routine assault and battery call.

When it ended, Diaz was taken away and booked at the station where he would normally report to work for the midnight shift.

Diaz is accused of assault and battery. Police say he inflicted minor scratches on his 19 year old daughter.

Police say, this is the first time Diaz has been in trouble with the law.

Officer Joseph Edward Wild Charged with Harassment

A Portland Police officer charged with making harassing phone calls appeared in court Monday.

Portland Police Officer Joseph Edward Wild, 28, is accused of using his bureau-issued cell phone to make harassing phone calls to women.

According to a probable cause statement, Wild faces 41 counts of official misconduct and 19 counts of telephone harassment. Wild was arrested Friday.

At Wild's court appearance Monday, protesters who didn’t even know Officer Wild showed up to stand up for those who may have been victimized.

“I wouldn’t want to be in her (the victim’s) position. Whoever he was bothering and bugging, it’s not okay,“ said Marie Suttle.

The case is so sensitive that Portland police only told reporters that a woman has come forward to say Officer Wild was harassing her over the phone. But new documents released accuse Officer Wild of using his police cell phone to harass at least two women -- including an underage girl.

“Chief Sizer and the Portland Police Bureau will release as much information as possible in an effort to be fully transparent when the Bureau is able to do so,” spokeswoman Mary Wheat said.

No other officers were aware of the conduct, police said.

“Everyone I talked to at North Precinct remembers the man in the police car next to him going on calls for service and find it difficult that these allegations can be true, “Said Scott Westerman, spokesman with the Portland Police Association.

Wild was scheduled to be back in court Thursday morning, and more charges were possible in the case.


Officer Christopher Bond Arrested for trying to Buy Meth

State Police say Town of Pulaski police officer Christopher Bond was arrested Thursday, while trying to buy meth in Wythe County.

Bond faces three charges:

One count of attempting to possess meth (A Class 5 felony)
One count of attempting to possess loritab (Class one misdemeanor)
One count of knowingly or intentionally possessing marijuana (Class one misdemeanor)
In a news release Pulaski Police Chief G.W. Roche says Bond has been suspended from duty and an internal affairs investigation has been started.

Chief Roche said Bond has been with the department for two years, and was a police officer before joining the department.

Roche added, "I am very disappointed that this incident has occurred but I am grateful to the Virginia State Police and the Wythe Co. Sheriff’s Office for their consideration in notifying me of the investigation and their professionalism in processing this case."