Saturday, May 03, 2008

Ex-Cop Arrested for Offering Money to Suck Underage Girls Toes

Former Munhall, PA police officer Michael Curtin has been charged with trying to solicit sex from several underage girls and offering them $1000 to suck their toes.

Curtin’s began hanging around the underage girls in January 2006, and also supplied alcohol to at least three teenage girls. The girls also accused Curtin of touching them inappropriately.

Using MySpace to contact more underage girls, Curtin would offer them $1000 to allow him to kiss their feet and suck their toes.

"The parent had felt that her daughter had some contact that she felt wasn't quite right with a person who they believed to be police officer in Munhall," said Allegheny County Police Superintendent Charles Moffatt.

In the MySpace postings, police said Curtin actually mentioned in one solicitation, "I'm a Munhall cop."

Curtin is charged with corruption of minors, unlawful contact with minors and criminal solicitation of indecent assault and prostitution from the MySpace probe of his alleged foot fetish.

That probe led to additional charges, involving corruption and the endangering of three additional underage girls. He's accused of indecent assault against two of them, and providing girls alcohol and letting them drive his car.

Former Steel Valley High School student Sarah Chalfont said she remembers when Curtin used to patrol outside of the school.

"He was really lurky. You know, he was always standing around and looking around at people and usually the cops that were up there weren't like that. You're taught to trust an officer and then for someone that you trust to hurt you and scar you for life like that, it's really sad."

As far as they know, police said they believe all of the alleged activity happened while Curtin was off duty.

In order to post bond, Curtin must first clear a screening by the jail's behavioral unit. The Munhall Borough Council voted unanimously to fire Curtin in February.

On Wednesday, Curtin's attorney said the officer's dismissal was partially related to the allegations that are surfacing now, but he declined to comment further.

Investigators suspect that some of the activity involving the girls occurred at Curtin's Munhall home, according to the complaint.

Curtin is currently being held in Allegheny County Jail on a bond of $100,000.

Woman Moves Out of State to Feel Safe from Judge

Kalisha Nolen who accused Judge Jesse Harris of exposing himself has moved to Nashville, Tennessee so she will feel safe. "I knew that once he saw the police report ... he would know that I had done this and that it would be public record," she said. "I was already afraid of him ... It was not safe for me" to stay in Oklahoma, she said.

Now, she said, "I am not afraid to stand up to him. I have had it once and for all."

Miss Nolen, 32 dated Judge Harris for 5 years, but had left him a year before the alleged exposure occurred back on March 9. Nolen said she met him in 2002, when she worked as a process server during a high-profile molestation trial.

She said she broke up with him in 2007 "because of all the womanizing.”

She said she gave a Tulsa police detective access to her medical records and even took a lie-detector test, "because they said it would help them make a solid case.”
The police affidavit alleges that Judge Harris pulled up outside Nolen’s motel room and, as she looked out the window of her room, asked questions about Nolen's friend.

Nolen said she had called Judge Harris earlier that morning, seeking legal advice for the friend. The police affidavit alleges that as he sat in his car outside the motel room, Harris asked Nolen about her friend's looks and suggested they have group sex. At one point he exited the car and exposed his penis through the fly of his pants, Nolen told police. The judge continued to expose himself after the second woman exited the motel room, the affidavit quotes Nolen as saying.

During a police interview, Harris admitted having a conversation with the women outside the motel room but denied any exposure or explicit sexual conversation, according to the affidavit.

Harris has been a judge since 1986 and has been a trial judge in criminal cases longer than any other Tulsa County judge.

Nolan now lives in a “protective environment” and is receiving counseling, services for domestic and sexual assault.


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