Thursday, April 26, 2012

Captain Shawn King Suspended for Engaging in Sexual Activity in His Cop Car

A sex scandal is rocking the Tulsa Police Department. A police Captain has been suspended for engaging in sexual activity while on duty and in his cop car.

The news broke early Thursday afternoon when a document was released by Police Chief Chuck Jordan.

It says Captain Shawn King was suspended for five days earlier this month.

The document is directly from Chief Jordan to Captain King and it's addressed April 3.

It explains that King violated a TPD rule, "Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer or Police Employee."

Below the legal speak it shows what took place back in 2009.

The document states "Specifically in 2009, during first shift hours, you engaged in sexual activity while on-duty, in your patrol unit, in an area near the Tulsa zoo."

Captain King has worked for TPD for 15 years and has done interviews with Channel Eight in the past.

As of right now we believe he is back on the streets working as a Captain at the Gilcrease division.

Just to clarify this not a crime but a violation of a TPD policy.

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Anonymous said...

Also he is accused of molesting an underage girl, the daughter of his ex girlfriend, Keena Roberts. This land press.