Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hornell, New York Police Officer Mark Mahoney charged with being an idiot

Hornell Police Officer Mark Mahoney has been charged with drunk driving...Setting an fine example for his community on how to conduct themselves. This veteran officer was found unconscious in his car on Maple City Drive in Hornell. Now that is some good old fashion drinking there. I wonder how many it took to bring this big guy down to the point where he left his car parked in the middle of the road?

It was around 11:30 Friday night, when another driver spotted the officer in the middle of the street and called 911. When his buddies arrived to help him out, Sergeant Mahoney was so intoxicated that he had to be taken to the local hospital for treatment.

Sergeant Mahoney was off duty when the incident occurred. Which is okay, have to do what the rest of society has to do...GO TO JAIL...GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL...DO NOT LET YOUR BUDDIES ESCORT YOU HOME. Instead, he was issued a ticket to appear in court.

Currently the police Chief has decided not to fire this fine upstanding officer, but instead let him stay on at full pay, and is allowed to go out and arrest other offenders of this same crime. The Chief and the Mayor say they plan to meet and discuss disciplinary action.

All of us at one time or the other have wanted to drink our ‘sorrows’ away, but the LAW says if we want to get that drunk, we have to do it in the privacy of our own home. Sergeant Mahoney should be held to these same standards.