Thursday, May 08, 2008

Durant Officer Arrested for Burglary

Police Officer Lieutenant Johnny Rutherford has been arrested for second degree burglary.

On Tuesday a warrant was issued for Officer Rutherford arrest after the OSBI uncovered Rutherford may have been involved in a burglary at Morrison Drugs back in November.

Rutherford is also facing misdemeanor charges after court papers show he broke into his brother-in-law's home, a crime his brother-in-law says was never formally reported.

Dewayne Wingfield, Rutherford's brother-in-law, says, "I called police whenever the incident happened, but I did not do anything beyond that. I filed no police report."

Lt. Rutherford had taken personal time for reasons not related to this crime. Now he's been place on administrative leave.

Lt. Rutherford he says he has not contacted an attorney yet, so he did not want to talk on camera. He also says he's not as bad as everyone is making him out to be.

Officer Rutherford is currently free on bond.

City officials refuse to talk about the arrest, and are keeping his name off the daily report being released to the media.


Now don't all criminals say its not that bad?
Watch them try to sweep this one under the rug.