Sunday, March 16, 2008

Miami officer charged with buying steroids

Miami Officer John I. Fedak, a U.S. Marine reservist who recently completed a tour in Iraq, has been arrested on charges of buying steroids through the mail, police said.

He is the third Miami officer arrested this week.

On Monday, Officer Yatha LeGrand was arrested by Bay Harbor Islands officers, who say she allegedly slapped her live-in girlfriend.

Earlier that day, Officer Rondal Brown surrendered to his own department, accused of allowing his police bloodhound, Dynasty, to starve to death.

''It's always disappointing when you have to investigate and arrest your own,'' said Miami Detective Delrish Moss, a spokesman.

Fedak, 26, was cuffed late Wednesday, charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Miami internal affairs investigators ''received information'' that Fedak, six-foot-two, 175 pounds, had been buying steroids for his own use.

Detectives teamed up with Miami-Dade police, the FBI and U.S. postal inspectors to send a phony delivery -- a package containing four vials of steroids -- to Fedak's home.

Fedak, knowing the package contained steroids, signed for the delivery and was arrested, according to his arrest report.

Fedak posted $5,000 bail Thursday and was released from Miami-Dade County Jail. Hired in 2004, he served on the department's SWAT Team.

Fedak did not return a phone call from The Miami Herald.

LeGrand, 38, a patrolwoman hired in 1990, was arrested Monday in Bay Harbor Islands, where she has lived with her girlfriend for five years.

According to police, she slapped her girlfriend and smashed the woman's cellphone to prevent her from calling police. LeGrand was charged with simple battery.

''I feel I was wrongly accused,'' she told WPLG-ABC 10 after her release.

The most high-profile arrest was that of Brown, 48, who surrendered after a four-month investigation by internal affairs and prosecutors.

Investigators say he allowed Dynasty the dog, who specialized in finding missing persons, to starve to death. The 4-year-old dog lost 30 pounds in 11 months.

Brown is charged with animal cruelty and an offense against a police dog. His attorney, William Matthewman, says Brown would never intentionally hurt his beloved bloodhound.


"ROID RAGE" is responsible for hundreds of deaths every year. Murders, suicides (Chris Benoit), road rage killings, and overdoses are just some of the examples of the damage these drugs cause.
A police officer must be beyond any reproach. This idiot, like many other cops and firemen, believe that they are above the law and can break the law and use illegal drugs.Cops who commit crimes must go to jail and submit to prison justice. Since these steroid midgets no longer posess the manly attributes due to their illegal usage, they are the perfect prison bitches with their virgin poop chutes.

Officer Thomas Joyce Arrested Near St. Patty's Parade

Officer Thomas Joyce Accused Of Breaking Into Women's Home In Savannah

A Boston police officer was arrested near a St. Patrick's Day festival in Savannah, Ga., Friday night after forcing his way into the home of two women, police said.

Officer Thomas Joyce, of Roxbury, was arrested after he allegedly broke into the women's home in the 500 block of East State Street around 10:30 p.m. Savannah police said he assaulted the women by physically restraining them and then pulling them out of their home, holding them against their will.

Patrolling officers arrested Joyce, 46, and charged him with false imprisonment, battery, obstruction and criminal trespass after the victims identified him as their assailant, police said.

His motive for attacking for the women and whether he knew them or not is unknown.He was taken to the Chatham County jail.Savannah police said they arrested dozens of other people in the downtown area where the festival was held.