Friday, December 12, 2008

Officer Christopher Garcia Arrested for Burglary and Harassment

A Colorado Springs police officer was arrested in Pueblo early Friday after opening his ex-girlfriend's window and breaking a lamp, telling cops he was angry that a Pueblo police patrol car was parked outside.

Christopher Garcia, 38, faces burglary and harassment charges and was placed on administrative leave from CSPD pending adjudication, Lt. David Whitlock said in a news release.

Louisa Delatorre, 39, told police she received a series of harassing text messages and phone calls from Garcia after she stopped responding to his texts. The two had lived together at her home on Seminole Lane for several years and have a child together, according to the police report.

She called Sgt. L.B. Unger to the house to ask about "options she had to stop Garcia from contacting her because she was feeling harassed by his accusations of her going out with other men, according to the report.

"Delatorre said she wanted to know how to take action without Garcia ‘getting in trouble,'" the report reads.

With Unger and Delatorre inside, Garcia arrived, rang the doorbell and opened the window next to the front door, knocking over a glass lamp. Delatorre said his hand was reaching to unlock the front door when Delatorre and Unger pushed his hand out..
Garcia denied trying to open the door.

"I just wanted to see what was happening inside," he told police.

Unger called for backup and when another officer arrived, Garcia, standing in the driveway, said he called acting Pueblo police Captain D. Ingraham.

Ingraham arrived, spoke briefly with Garcia, and another officer took Garcia to the police station, according to the report.

Former Officer Macario Venegas Charged with Molesting Child


A former police officer has been arrested in connection with the molestation of a 16-year-old girl, Hollister police said Friday.

Macario Venegas, 30, was charged with annoying or molesting a child under 18 and booked at the San Benito County Jail.

Venegas is accused of fondling a girl while she was inside his patrol car on Dec. 9.

Venegas, who served as a patrol officer for less than eight months, was released from the Hollister Police Department on Thursday, officials said.

His bail has been set at $6,000.

Probation Officer Nkosi Littleton Charged with Molesting Teen


A Los Angeles County probation officer has been charged with sexually molesting a 15-year-old girl after they were found in a car earlier this week.

Nkosi Littleton pleaded not guilty Friday to two felony counts in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Prosecutors say officers caught the 36-year-old Littleton in a car with the girl on Wednesday near downtown Los Angeles.

Probation Department spokeswoman Kerri Web says Littleton has been suspended without pay from his job at a juvenile probation camp for boys in Malibu.

He faces three years and eight months in prison if convicted.

The judge will decide whether there is enough evidence for a trial at a hearing Dec. 24.

Former Lt Scott Fross Convicted of Bribery Get's Just One Year of HOME Detention

A former police officer has been sentenced to one year home detention after pleading guilty to taking cash from Hispanic drivers who wanted to avoid traffic tickets or jail.

Former Westfield Police Lt. Scott Fross pleaded guilty to bribery in August and was sentenced Thursday.

Fross was a 10-year veteran of police force in the northern Indianapolis suburb but resigned in November 2007 after being charged with four counts of armed robbery while on patrol.

Investigators said Fross was armed and in uniform when he took money from Hispanic motorists he stopped for traffic infractions.

The sentence did not include fines or restitution.

Trooper Steven Spoonire Charged with Possession of Marijuana

A 16-year veteran of the Maryland State Police is due in Frederick County Circuit Court on Friday for a pre-trial conference for his July arrest on drug charges.

Steven W. Spoonire, 36, is facing one year in jail and/or a $1,500 fine for possessing marijuana and paraphernalia when he goes on trial on Jan. 26.

Three Maryland State troopers arrived at Spoonire's house on Woodsboro Pike on July 9 to investigate a tip about marijuana growing there.

When they arrived, they immediately saw the marijuana plant growing by the back steps of the house, along with Spoonire's cruiser parked in the driveway. The troopers knew Spoonire lived at the house, according to court documents.

Spoonire climbed out of a second car parked in the driveway, and the troopers told him why they were there.

According to court documents, Spoonire responded by telling them that he did not own the house and that he was renting it.

The troopers told Spoonire they were going to obtain a search warrant. At Spoonire's request, they allowed his wife to leave, according to court documents. Inside the house were Spoonire's sister-in-law and two young children; they were also allowed to leave.

The troopers searched the house, and found in the master bedroom two smoking devices with suspected marijuana residue, rolling papers and a prescription bottle with suspected marijuana residue. They also found a small clay pot with suspected marijuana seeds and potting soil in the bedroom window and the marijuana plant outside. The troopers found a drug test kit in a second-floor bathroom.

They arrested Spoonire, who was released on a $10,000 bond. Spoonire told police he had lived at the house for about a year, and made $61,000 per year working as a patrol officer in Westminster. He has since changed his address to one in Union Bridge.

Elena Russo, a State Police spokeswoman, said Spoonire has been suspended with pay.


$10,000 for some fucking weed!!! Come'on people!!! Wake UP!!! Legalize this shit!!! It's safer than drinking, and apparently this officer was able to do his job for 16 years without a problem!!!

Officer Dominich Fuentes Accused of Jury Tampering

Prosecutors are considering jury tampering charges against a Los Angeles policeman who allegedly told alternate jurors in a robbery trial that the defendant had a long criminal history.

Officer Dominick Fuentes allegedly approached the alternates a day after testifying in the trial of 49-year-old Ralph Robinson, who was eventually acquitted of robbery but convicted of attempted robbery and grand theft.

Court records show the alternate jurors complained to the judge.

District attorney's spokeswoman Jane Robison says prosecutors are considering criminal charges. Police Deputy Chief Kenny Garner says there is also an internal affairs investigation.

Fuentes, a 20-year LAPD veteran, has declined comment. He's now on patrol duty.


Information from: Los Angeles Times,

More Information:,0,6559503.story

Former Officer William Bergin Appeared in Court for Identity Theft & Misconduct


A former Sandy police officer appeared in court on identity theft and official misconduct charges Thursday but his arraignment was abruptly halted after concerns were raised over a possible conflict of interest involving the defense lawyer in the case.

William Bergin, 27, stood quietly during the abbreviated hearing in Clackamas County.

The former Sandy police officer was charged with identity theft, official misconduct and misuse of a license.

According to a search warrant, Bergin collected confiscated driver's licenses and then passed them along to underage girls, who used the fake IDs to get into bars.

The Sandy Police Department issued a statement regarding the crimes.

"Whenever someone in the law enforcement community, past or present, is accused of wrongdoing, law enforcement officers are hurt by it. We are saddened and embarrassed by this," the statement said.

The department union president, who represents police, said Bergin’s fellow officers were unaware of the alleged criminal activity and "disappointed."

Bergin also faced a civil lawsuit in federal court.

In 2005, Bergin was one of two officers who shot and killed a naked, unarmed Portland man named Fouad Kaady.

For a short time after the shooting, the Kaady family retained well-known attorney Des Connell.

Connell was originally supposed to represent Bergin in court Thursday.

However, conflict-of-interest questions were raised during the hearing.

Kaady’s civil lawyer filed a motion asking that Connell be removed from the case.

The judge rescheduled Bergin's formal arraignment for Jan. 5 so that the lawyers can straighten things out.

Officer Jim Crowley Charged with Reporting to Work Drunk


An arraignment hearing has been rescheduled for next month for a former Aspen police officer accused of reporting to work drunk.

Forty-three-year-old Jim Crowley had been expected in Garfield County Court Thursday, but the arraignment was reset for Jan. 15. No reason was given for the delay.

Crowley was an 18-year veteran of the Aspen Police Department when he was arrested Aug. 28 on suspicion of driving while ability-impaired and prohibited use of a weapon.

Police Chief Richard Pryor fired Crowley the next day.

Attorney Lawson Willis, who has provided legal advice to Crowley as a friend, has said Crowley told him he went to work with a hangover.

The case was moved to Garfield County after a Pitkin County judge disqualified herself.

Officer Robert Jacobs Charged with DUI


A Norfolk police officer who was relieved of duty after being charged with obstruction of justice was charged with driving under the influence in Hampton just days later.

Robert Antwan Jacobs, 28, was one of three officers who was arrested this month. Three days later, at 2:10 a.m. Dec. 6, he was pulled over by a state trooper on Interstate 64 at the Hampton Creek Bridge, said state police spokeswoman Sgt. Michelle Cotten.

Jacobs had been "weaving out of his traffic lane" and showing signs of impairment, she said.

There was a "strong odor of alcohol," and he failed a DUI test, Cotten said.

On Dec. 3, Norfolk Police Chief Bruce Marquis announced that Jacobs had been charged with misdemeanor obstruction of justice and relieved of duty. He was assigned to the Second Patrol Division and had been with the department for three years.

In addition, Gregory W. Dudley, 24, of Rugby Street in Virginia Beach, was charged with felony procuring another to give false testimony and misdemeanor making a false report to police. Dudley resigned from the police department on Oct. 31. He was assigned to the First Patrol Division and had been with the department for two years.

And Andrew T. Wenzel, 29, of Captain Carter Drive in Chesapeake, was charged with two counts of felony perjury and one count of misdemeanor making a false report to police. Wenzel, who was also relieved of duty, had been assigned to the Second Patrol Division and had been with the Norfolk Police Department for three years.

The cases are said to be unrelated and occurred while the three were on street duty.