Sunday, April 13, 2008

New York police officer arrested on sex charges

A 10 year veteran New York police officer has been arrested and charged with sexually abusing one woman and trying to force another to have sex with him.

Officer Wilfredo Rosario first met the 27 years old woman while on duty, on March 26, when he offered to help her get a job as a school crossing guard. He also promised to help her get her son into an after school program, and took her address and telephone number.

Four days later, while off duty, he went to her home, picked her up and drove to a secluded area along Riverside Drive where he sexually abused her. The woman said she tried to get out of the car, but Officer Rosario grabbed her and pulled her back into the car. He then sexually abused her again before finally taking her home.

While investigating this incident, investigators learned that in March 2002, Rosario attempted to force a 18 year old woman to have sex with him. Officer Rosario had found the teen and a male friend in the park after it had closed, and told her if she would have sex with him, he would not tell her parents or give her a ticket, but the 18 year old rejected his offer. This poor woman complained to the NYPD, but no action was ever taken.

Women living in the area say the allegations have opened their eyes.

"Having the knowledge after hearing these stories, definitely, I would be a little more vigilant, a little bit more aware, a little bit unfortunately more uncomfortable being alone with a cop, especially at night," Valerie Davidkova said.

"Oh it's awful," said one woman. "Somebody who people are supposed to be able to trust, who you're taught as a child to go to for help when you need assistance. Somebody who takes advantage of that. It's terrible."

The other woman added, “It certainly makes you wonder...I guess it makes it harder to trust the system.”

“There are other victims our there,” stated the prosecutor. Investigators are asking any other victims to please call them at (212)335-8905.

This disgraced officers bail was set at just $10,000. For sex crimes and being an ass in a uniform should have tripled his bond in my opinion.

He has been indicted on charges of sex abuse, official misconduct, unlawful imprisonment, and attempted coercion for allegedly having forced a woman into having sex with him.

Hope he gets 20 years, but oh yeah I forgot they save that time for people with drug problems, not former police officers who sexually abuse women. Hmmmm...sounds like justice to me...WRONG!!!