Friday, February 19, 2010

Sgt Jason Rampey Charged with Sexual Exploitation of Minor

A former Greenville police officer has been arrested and accused of encouraging a 16-year-old girl to send him nude photos of herself.

Sgt. Jason Rampey, with the Greenville Police Department, said that 28-year-old Malcolm Maurice Fuller, of Greenville, was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Rampey said that Fuller was fired Dec. 30, 2009, because of an internal investigation. He said that Fuller had been with the police department since 2008.

Police Chief Teri Wilfong said that none of the activity occurred while Fuller was on duty.

According to arrest warrant, Fuller obtained the photos on Dec. 13, 2009. The State Law Enforcement Division said that the girl's family saw some photos on her phone and called police.

Fuller was being held at the Greenville County Detention Center.

Officer Tammi Jo Gordy Arrested for Road Rage

A DeWitt Police officer has been taken off the streets after Davenport Police say she pulled a gun on another driver.

Davenport Police received a call about a "road rage" incident along Utica Ridge Road on Sunday, February 14. The male caller said the other driver had a gun. Reports state the other driver was DeWitt Police Officer Tammi Jo Gordy. During the investigation, Gordy said that the other car pulled out in front of her and when she passed, the passenger flipped her off. That's when they both stopped at the parking lot on 53rd and Utica Ridge Road and she said the man got out in a threatening manner. Police say that's when she showed her gun and a can of mace. The man had his wife and two young children in the car.

"We immediately launched our own internal affairs investigation regarding the administrative violations that are going to go along with the criminal allegations," said DeWitt Chief of Police Tom Whitten. "We're definitely going to provide the employee with the due process necessary. Once we complete our investigation, we'll review the facts and determine...any possible discipline."

Davenport Police has charged Officer Gordy with Aggravated Assault, an aggravated misdemeanor. She is due in court on March 3. The DeWitt Police have placed Officer Gordy on paid administrative leave.

Officer Timothy Gerald Arrested for Domestic Violence

40-year-old Timothy Gerald has been an officer with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police department since 1993. Wednesday, his wife called officers to their home in northeast Charlotte. She told a 911 operator that Gerald attacked her. "He jumped on me, he hit me, he threw me down,” the woman is heard saying on the tapes.

Police reports show Gerald is accused of using his "bodily force, hands and knees to strike the victim in the chest, shoulder and cheek area." Neighbors tell us they never hear Gerald and his wife argue, in fact they don't hear much of anything from the home. The couple apparently keeps to themselves and doesn't speak to neighbors. Their kids often play in the front yard.

Gerald, now charged with assault on a female, a misdemeanor, was assigned to work here, at East Mecklenburg High School, as a resource officer. "My friends tell me he was a cool guy to talk to and everything,” says 17-year-old Tony Young. Young says students trust and like Gerald, "Like, you could go talk to him about certain things or whatever, like, during school and he'd help you out with certain things."

In fact, students like Gerald so much, some of them created a Facebook page dedicated to him. The "Free Officer Gerald" group includes posts like "he's such a good person." and "he's done nothing but good." “Only him and his wife know exactly what happened. A lot of us don't,” says Young.

Gerald turned himself in at police headquarters were he was taken into custody. In addition to the criminal investigation, the internal affairs department is also investigating this case. In the meantime, Gerald is on paid administrative leave.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School district says it has no comment on the case. The police department is in charge of placing officers in schools, not the school district.

Rookie Officer Keith Anderson Arrested for Breaking into Home

A rookie Alberta RCMP officer, who was a suspect in a break and enter, has now been charged with breaking into a home northwest of Calgary.

Mounties say the officer had only been on the job seven months and was on his first posting in Cochrane, Alta., when he was arrested.

Police say a relative of the homeowner found an off-duty Mountie early Sunday morning inside a home in the bedroom community.

When the constable was told to leave, he identified himself as a police officer and left but was arrested a short time later.

Keith Anderson, 22, has been charged with break and enter and is expected to appear in court March 9.

He has been suspended with pay pending the outcome of the court case.

Former Officer Denis Yevsyukov Sentenced to Life for Shooting

A former police major who went on a shooting rampage last year at a Moscow supermarket, killing two people and wounding others, was sentenced to life in prison on Friday, a spokesman for the Moscow City Court said.

Denis Yevsyukov, the former major, confessed to killing one of the victims, but said he could not remember much of the episode. The shooting provoked widespread anger in Russia, where video of Mr. Yevsyukov stalking the supermarket aisles, firing at fleeing customers, has been played repeatedly on television.

His lawyers said they would appeal the sentence.