Monday, March 01, 2010

Officer Jared Bledsoe & Wife Charged with Child Endangerment

A Las Vegas police officer and his wife will be charged with child endangerment with substantial bodily harm after their 2-year-old shot himself with the officer’s gun in February.

Las Vegas Metro police Officer Jared Bledsoe and his wife, Shawnee Bledsoe, both 27, face one count of the felony charge after their son discovered a loaded gun in the night stand after he was put to bed.

The toddler, Jared Benjamin Bledsoe, was hit in the arm and abdomen after the gun went off and was at one point in critical condition after the gun discharged.

The complaint, made in Moapa Valley Township Justice Court, said the toddler suffered “unjustifiable physical pain and substantial bodily harm.”

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Tired of the irresponsible journalism said...

you should be ashamed of yourselves. The headline of this is so grossly misleading it is insulting to the intelligence of the general public. This article shows absolutely nothing about the character of these two people. You might find it interesting to know that the department, yes Metro, instucted ALL officers to be readily prepared because of the gang-related shoot-out that left officer Nettleton dead in his garage earlier in December. This officer was doing exactly what his department instucted him to do- keep his weapon readly accessable to defend his family if necessary. This was an accident- nothing more. Should the writer of this artice ever experience such a tragedy in his or her life, it would be poetic justice for the media and the bottom-feeders that slurp up every word they print or say to publicly crucify them the way these two young parents have been. Again, shame on you.