Monday, March 01, 2010

Former Officer Faron White Expected to be Released from Prison

A Decatur police officer convicted of theft is expected to be released from federal prison at the end of the week. This Friday, Faron White will head home from a federal prison in Louisiana.

For 21 years, White fought crime in the city of Decatur.

"He was always the go-to guy. He always seem to know the answer," said John Bradford, who is now retired from the Decatur Police Department.

One day in January of 2009, White ended up on the wrong side of the law when he staged his own kidnapping with accomplice Sarah Richardson.

Bradford supervised White a few years before the incident.

"He was a great guy. It was just a total shock that he got involved with this," said Bradford.

Bradford believes White has some roads to mend when he gets out of prison. Namely, with the men and women who tirelessly searched for him.

"Those guys went at it 24-7, virtually not eating or sleeping, following every lead they could imagine in hopes of finding somebody they respected as a supervisor and a good friend. I hope he finds a way to somehow bring closure for those fellows for what he put them through," said Bradford.

Bradford hopes White will be able to land on his feet once he is released from prison. He'll have to find a job.

"To me, it's just obvious that the guy fell on some rough times, made some mistakes that snow balled on him and just got worse. It just got to the point that he couldn't get out of it and he did something very, very stupid," said Bradford.

White pleaded guilty to a federal theft charge for stealing $82,000 from the Decatur Police Department. A judge sentenced White to 16 months in prison.

He'll be getting out three months early, but will then be on supervised released for five years.

White's attorney, Jake Watson, says his client plans to get in the cabinet making business when he's released.

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