Wednesday, November 26, 2008

UISD Officer Robert Nino Accused of Having Improper Relationship with Student

A U.I.S.D. employee is on administrative leave tonight after some shocking allegations arise.

Sources say that a United I.S.D. police officer is accused of having an improper relationship with a student, on campus and in a classroom. However the district will only confirm he is employee Robert Nino – U.I.S.D. Communication Specialist.

"There is an ongoing investigation, however I cannot confirm or deny any details at this time. All I can say is that an employee has been placed on administrative leave with pay pending the result of this investigation."

The incident allegedly happened at United High School... And students there say they can't believe this type of behavior is going on at their home campus.

"I think that that's bad, that's bad." Flores - united sophomore
That’s abusive. Probably he made a condition you do this for me and I'll let you go or something. Like the student did something wrong and an exchange to get away with something."

Even parents waiting to pick up their kids from school were shocked to hear that a campus officer may have done such a thing.

Ester Guerrero - parent of a United senior
"Well I think they aren't suppose to be doing that. What are they showing the students? They are supposed to be protecting the students."

"U.I.S.D. officials do not want these allegations to alarm anyone. They assure parents that their child is safe at any U.I.S.D. campus."

"We can assure the parents that the children at U.I.S.D. are safe we do our best to maintain a very safe and secure learning environment for the students."

The district says the proper authorities are looking into these allegations... But cannot disclose any more information at this time.

The investigation into an improper relationship between a UISD police officer and a student continues at United ISD. According to the school district the investigation is not in their hands, it has been turned over to another agency.

According to UISD attorneys the case is being investigated by an independent law enforcement agency. The officer was having an intimate relationship with a teenage student at United High School.

Sources say the UISD officer in question was previously a Laredo police officer and was fired from LPD.

According to UISD the officer has not been charged with anything.

The FBI will not confirm or deny if they are the ones looking into the investigation.
But they were able to tell us that the officer has not been arrested.

UISD says the officer was placed on administrative leave with pay.

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