Monday, May 19, 2014

Officer Brian Hodges Charged with Beating His Wife

An officer from North Braddock is facing charges in the beating of his wife, while dressed in full uniform.

It’s not clear if Brian Hodges was on duty at the time of his arrest, but according to the criminal complaint he was dressed in full uniform.

Investigators said Hodges was arrested in Brentwood after his wife’s daughter called 911 and reported the beating.

The victim, Hodges wife, told police that he had choked her and slammed her head against a brick wall during an argument about an affair she accused him of having.

The victim’s daughter also told police that she witnessed the incident.

During the incident, the complaint stated, Hodges told his wife that, “he knew the cops, and who was working, and nothing was going to happen.”

Hodges denied the accusations and told police that custody issues were ongoing and, “the children will say anything.”

Police arrested Hodges and charged him with disorderly conduct and simple assault.

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