Friday, April 18, 2014

Officer Meekos Evans Accused of Sexual Assault

Meekos Evans is out of jail after posting a $10,000 bond. He still is due in court Monday, April 21.

Memphis police officer Meekos Evans, the focus of an internal affairs investigation into an alleged traffic stop sexual assault of a female motorist in Whitehaven in February, was arrested Thursday afternoon.

Officer Evans is facing one charge of sexual battery. He joined the Memphis Police in 2011 and was assigned to the Raines Station.

Officer Evans has been on non-enforcement duty since the complaint against him was made. He is due in Shelby County General Sessions Court on Monday, April 21.

The female victim said she was driving down Raines Road in February and the officer pulled her over. He told her he couldn't see her license plate, took her identification, and told her he would have to give her a citation unless she did something for him.

She said the officer told her to drive behind some apartments. She did and when they got there, she said he told her to get into the back of his patrol car and show her breasts.

The female victim said she didn't want to expose herself but eventually gave in. She said the officer touched her and then he told her to leave. She said her three-year-old son was alone in her car when it happened.

"Unfortunate situation and my heart goes out to the victim," said Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong, who reacted to the arrest.

The police director said Evans has been placed on paid leave and there will be an administrative hearing to determine whether he'll be fired.

"In this particular incident this officer clearly demonstrated that he probably had no business ever wearing a badge in the first place and that's something we'll deal with down the line," Director Armstrong said.

Mayor A C Wharton had not heard about the arrest when FOX13 News caught up with him Thursday evening. The mayor said he's reviewing MPD disciplinary procedures.

Officer Evans was the subject of at least two other internal affairs investigations before the latest incident.

"We are looking at trying to find a way to see if there are factors that would predict when a person might become a bad officer," Mayor Wharton said. "That's a priority for Director Armstrong and still a priority for me."

The victim said she was driving down Raines Road when she was pulled over by Officer Evans. She said she was targeted and now she says she's lost faith in law enforcement.

"No citizen should ever have to fear when you see a police officer behind you, especially a police officer on duty," Director Armstrong said.

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