Monday, March 17, 2014

Officer William Norton Arrested for DUI

A North Myrtle Beach police officer was arrested and charged with DUI on Friday, according to city spokesman Pat Dowling.

William Henry Norton, a K-9 officer, was booked just before noon on Friday and released hours later on a $1,000 bond, Dowling said.

Norton was not on duty when this happened, but he was arrested while driving his patrol car, Dowling added. K-9 officers are allowed to take these cars home.

South Carolina Highway Patrol troopers responded to a crash on Brighton Avenue, near Norton's home. A neighbor told WMBF News Norton had driven the patrol car into a median, wedging against a palm tree.

Norton is on restricted administrative assignment, or "desk duty," Dowling said. Norton's car, badge, and equipment have been turned over to department, and he does not have law enforcement authority.

This incident has prompted an official investigation by the North Myrtle Beach Police Department.

Under the South Carolina Penal Code, a DUI charge does not just apply to alcohol or illegal drugs. Prescription drugs and some over the counter drugs can also net an impaired driving charge from authorities.

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