Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Officer Kenneth Bielik Charged with Disorderly Conduct

A Youngstown police officer is due in court this evening on charges of disorderly conduct and failure to desist after being arrested late Monday for allegedly interfering in the investigation of a fight at a gas station.

Kenneth Bielik, 29, of Austintown, was issued a summons on the charges following an incident at Sheetz gas sation at the corner of Mahoning Avenue and Route 46.

Youngstown Police Chief Robin Lees said Bielik is not on suspension because the investigation into the officer’s behavior just began and he wants to wait to see what happens in court.

According to a police report, Austintown officers were called to the gas station just after 11:30 p.m. Monday for a large fight. When they arrived, they saw a man, later identified as James Bielik, 31, shoving another man, Andrew Irwin, against a brick wall outside the gas station.

After seeing James Bielik shove Irwin a second time, officers ordered them to separate, and they complied. Irwin told officers he was confronted by James Bielik inside the store and was pushed out the double doors into the parking lot by James Bielik, who is the YPD officer’s brother.

Officers said James Bielik was very drunk and he told officers he thought Irwin was bothering his sister, which prompted the confrontation.

While Austintown officers were trying to interview James Bielik, Kenneth Bielik kept trying to interrupt despite repeated warnings to step away, the report states.

The report states that at one point, Kenneth Bielik yelled “I work for YPD. I am a police officer. What are you going to arrest me for?” Austintown officers noted in the report that Kenneth Bielik appeared very intoxicated, smelled strongly of alcohol and had glassy and bloodshot eyes.

After being told he would be arrested for disorderly conduct and obstructing official business if he did not walk away, Bielik had to be restrained by a friend, the report states.

As officers were trying to question a woman at the scene about what happened, Bielik continued to walk over and interject his comments. After being given several warnings and continuing his aggressive behavior, Austintown officers arrested Bielik for disorderly conduct and failure to desist.

At first, Bielik refused to be handcuffed, but he later complied, the report states. Once at the Austintown police station, Bielik calmed down and said he was upset because of a comment made toward his sister and he was defending her, the report states.

James Bielik was issued a summons for disorderly conduct after Irwin refused to press charges for assault, the report states.

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