Monday, February 10, 2014

Officer John Freudenberg Charged with DWI

Police say an intoxicated Parsippany police officer ran his Chevrolet Silverado off the road and wound up in a residential front yard Saturday.

John R. Freudenberg, 30, of Randolph was charged with driving while intoxicated and reckless driving Saturday night, Randolph police said.

Randolph Sgt. Frank Mygas and Officers Jason Gould and Jason Del Turco responded to the crash, and found the car in the front yard of a Jennifern Avenue home, Randolph police said.

Del Turco spoke to Freudenberg, the driver, and was told he "ran off the road," Randolph police said.

Freudenberg also identified himself as a Parsippany officer, which Randolph police later confirmed, they say.

Randolph Detective Lt. Christopher Giuliani said that based on a draft report about the incident, he didn't have any indication Freudenberg tried to use his status as an officer to avoid a ticket or arrest.

Freudenberg was also off-duty, and was not in a police department vehicle, Giuliani said.
At the time of the crash, Del Turco detected the odor of alcohol on Freudenberg's breath, and had Freudenberg perform field sobriety tests, Randolph Police said. He was then arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated.

Giuliani said while Freudenberg did take a breath test, police are not releasing the results.
Freudenberg's passenger complained of pain, but didn't want to receive medical treatment at the scene, Randolph police said. Freudenberg didn't complain of any injuries, police said.

Parsippany and Randolph, both Morris County communities, share a small border but are mostly divided by sections of Denville and Morris Township.

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