Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Council Overrules Mayor to Discuss Officer Frank Carter's Arrest

Melbourne Mayor Harry Goode made a motion tonight to prevent another discussion about officer Frank Carter, but it was overruled by the council, revealing public discontent over the Melbourne police department, and bitter comments between City Manager Jack Schluckebiar and Council Member Joanne Corby .

When she questioned the Schluckebiar on his promise to investigate how race became an issue in the suspension of officer Frank Carter, the fireworks began.

"I believe I can appropriately assign tasks as I deem appropriate" said the city manager. Corby fired back. "I want to make sure that your lack of management and attention to this matter goes on the record

One month ago, officer Frank Carter was arrested for writing bogus tickets on quote "people of color." But two weeks later, the Melbourne Police department backed off their insinuation Carter was racially profiling.

Since then, the issue of his suspension has motivated Carters supporters to vent their anger at the council.

"Put officer Carter back on the payroll and make the community a better place," said resident Mike Kelly.

Gurdy O'Conner, a young African American woman followed. "Officer Carter has been a good mentor in my life and help me purchase my first car. I've always called him and he's always been there for me."

The Fraternal Order of Police, is accusing Melbourne Police Chief Donald Carey of playing politics against union leaders by insinuating officer Carter was racist, and intimidating officers. The matter is being reviewed by the Seminole county state attorney's office, but it is not a formal investigation.

Melbourne resident Bruce Daufort extolled, "If Chief Carey is wrong about the racism issue, what else is he wrong about? I think the council should look into the police chief."

Dale Davis went a step further. "I'm going to call on the Fraternal Order of Police to hold a vote of no confidence on the chief of police, and I'm going to ask the city manager to suspend him without pay, because he doesn't belong here."
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