Friday, October 02, 2009

Deputy Victor Goad Jr Charged with Extoring Money at Traffic Stop

Richmond County sheriff's crime suppression team member Victor Goad, Jr. has been fired after being charged with extorting money from a man in a traffic stop.

Sheriff Ronnie Strength announced that Thursday afternoon as he outlined the case against the former deputy. Goad remained in the county jail without bond.

The sheriff said the incident happened last Saturday at 4:30 am during a traffic stop on Battle Row in the Harrisburg area. Strength said Goad stopped a car with four people in it and found a stolen weapon.

The sheriff said Goad handcuffed the suspect and put him in his patrol car. Then Strength says Goad told the supect "I'll make this go away for $200." The sheriff said the suspect had $130 on him, and made a call to a friend, who brought him another $70.

The complaint was filed by the father of a teenage girl who was in the car. The names of the people in the car are not being released and no charges against them are expected.

Deputy Goad had been with the sheriff's office for six years, and on the crime suppression team for three years. That unit is often sent to trouble spots in the city-county. Members work as a team, often saturating areas with several members of the unit to look for criminal activity.

Goad faces charges of extortion and violating his oath of office.

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