Sunday, October 04, 2009

Deputy Manuel Silva Arrested for Extortion

A Broward County Sheriff’s deputy was arrested on extortion, burglary and drug charges, marking the third time this year a Broward deputy has been charged with a crime.

Manuel Silva, 34, was arrested Friday under allegations that he possessed oxycodone and other drugs without a prescription.

Sheriff officials have not released any more information, including whether he committed crimes while on duty.

He remains in jail, according to the Broward County Jail website.

Broward County Sheriff Manuel Silva was arrested on drug, burglary and extortion charges on Friday, marking the third Broward deputy to be criminally charged this year In August, Broward Sheriff’s deputy Jonathan Bleiweiss was arrested for allegedly using his authority to coerce sex from male illegal immigrants. He faces 58 charges.

In April, Broward Sheriff’s deputy Charles Grady resigned after he was sentenced to two years probation for inappropriately touching women during traffic stops.

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Anonymous said...

Another fine example of our tax dollars at work. We teach our children to respect police officers and over and over we are seeing articles like this. Why is it that people who become police officers believe they are above the law. I don't mean that against all officers but too often we are reading stories like this about people who swore to protect and serve, protecting each other when they are acting illegally and serving their own best interests. They give this profession a bad reputation and wonder why people dislike police officers so much. I have always tried to be respectful if I get pulled over and often the officers have been rude and just jerks for no reason. I have family and friends from other parts of the country calling me and asking me what it is with the police in Broward County. I am tired of reading about officers who have taken advantage of their position and yes, even so if I ever need them, I will call 911 and hope I get officers that are honest to respond; and by the way, the show Police Women of Broward County certainly does not make these officers look good...they make they look like jerks and the show should be pulled from the air.