Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Officer Gregory Moray Arrested for Punching Fan in Face

A Steubenville police officer was suspended without pay after police in Stark County said he got into a fight with rival fans during a high school football game.

Massillon police said the fight happened during a freshman game at Paul Brown Tiger Stadium over the weekend.

Police said Steubenville police Officer Gregory Moray was off duty in the stands when a verbal fight turned physical.

Moray, 42, faces a disorderly conduct charge and is accused of punching a Massillon Tigers fan in the face.

Sgt. John DiLoreto, Massillon police public information officer, said Moray and other Big Red fans were sitting on the side of the stadium for home team fans instead of in the visitors' section.

DiLoreto said, according to witnesses, Moray and other Big Red fans were getting rowdy and vulgar. He said Massillon fans told them to go on their own side of the stadium. At that point, Moray allegedly punched 63-year-old Thomas Cook in the face, DiLoreto said.

Cook also faces a disorderly conduct charge, as does 35-year-old Matthew Kell of Toronto.

All three men were arraigned before a Massillon municipal judge, pleaded not guilty and were released on their own recognizance.

DiLoreto said the investigation is ongoing and said other Massillon fans present during the altercation might also face charges.

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