Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Officer Duane Lattimore Arrested for Domestic Violence

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police arrested one of their own today after a domestic violence investigation.

Duane Lattimore, an veteran officer who'd worked for the department for seven years, was charged with two counts of communicating threats and one count of assault on a female -- all misdemeanors. He was assigned to the Independence Division.

The charges stem from several complaints filed by Lattimore's wife that occurred at their Mecklenburg home. The investigation and arrest were made by detectives from CMPD's Domestic Violence Unit.

"It is unfortunate that a member of the CMPD was arrested for domestic violence. All officers of the CMPD are expected to uphold and enforce the law, but more importantly obey the law," Chief Rodney Monroe said today.

Lattimore was placed on administrative leave without pay, pending an internal investigation to determine whether departmental rules of conduct were violated. That is routine anytime a CMPD employee is charged with a crime.

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