Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Trooper Bruce Wrzosek Drunk At Taco Bell

One year after he graduated from the Maryland police academy state trooper Bruce Wrzosek, 22, found a strange way to celebrate.

The off-duty state trooper pulled up for some fast food and found big trouble on the menu instead. During the incident, police say Wrzosek was dressed in plain-clothes but was driving his police car.

According to WJZ news station, Baltimore County Police were called to Taco Bell by employees, who said they were being disturbed by a drunken trooper turning on his siren and trying to pull people over in the drive-thru lane.

Before police arrived the off-duty trooper Wrzosek had thrown a 20-year-old man into the front seat of his cruiser. That man said while in the drive-thru, the trooper yelled, “Get the [expletive] out of the way.”

After county police smelled alcohol on the troopers breath he decided to make a hasty retreat and drove off with the man he had previously arrested in tow, telling him: “They can’t do [expletive] to me.”

County police proceeded to chase the trooper into a residential area to Tilmont Avenue before he surrendered and was administered a heel-to-toe sobriety test, which the trooper failed. During the test Wrzosek said, “That’s great, I’m drunk.” Then before finishing he said, “I’m done, lock me up.” Which they did!

Wrzosek is in the Baltimore County jail on $500,000 bond. The county’s investigation showed the 20-year-old man forced into into the troopers car was falsely arrested. The trooper is charged with DUI, false imprisonment and eluding police.

And since the trooper was still within his two-year probationary period, he was also swiftly fired.

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