Monday, August 25, 2008

Officer Anthony Smith Allegedly Rapes Woman While on Duty


The SWAT team arrested a metro police officer for allegedly raping a woman while on duty.

Investigators said it happened on the east side last Friday.

Officer Anthony Smith is facing seven felonies including rape and sexual misconduct. The Marion County prosecutor said Smith is the tenth metro police officer to be charged in the past four months.

Investigators said former police officer Anthony Smith first made contact with the victim at a gas station on 21st and Emerson. Smith told the victim she had pretty teeth. The victim left and drove toward I-70. That's when police said Smith pulled her over for an outstanding warrant.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Smith told the victim he could lock her up, but wouldn't if she rode with him on a few runs.

"This officer used his authority, his position to satisfy his own selfish desires rather than protect someone who needed protection," said Chief Michael Spears of the Indianapolis Metro Police Department.

Investigators said Smith eventually took the victim to his "spot" in an east side industrial park where he allegedly raped her.

"I'm sickened by his conduct. Literally sickened," said Chief Spears.

Police said they didn't find the used condom at Smith's spot, but they did find unused condoms in his trunk. Police are also trying to figure out if Smith has brought other victims to his spot in the past.

"We will continue to look at other traffic stops he's made in the past," said Chief Spears.

Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi said, "The alleged conduct is egregious and Officer Smith is not above the law."

The prosecutor said Smith admitted to having sex with the victim in his police car, but claims it was consensual. The chief dismissed him from the force on Monday.

In wake of the recent arrests with in the metro police department, the prosecutor's office has set up the Justice Integrity Hotline at (317) 327-5437. The prosecutor said it'll allow people to report misconduct without going to the police.

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