Monday, July 07, 2008

Former Fremont Officer Nick Maureer Charged with Assault


A 26-year-old former Fremont police officer Nick Maurer, is expected to be arraigned today on seven misdemeanor counts stemming from an assault on a Richmond firefighter last month after a country music concert at AT&T Park.

Nick Maurer, who at the time of the June 8 incident was employed by the Fremont Police Department, was cited by BART police and released from custody after a fight with a 41-year-old firefighter at the Embarcadero BART station.

Maurer, who is out of custody, is expected to be arraigned on three counts of assault with force possibly causing great bodily injury, three counts of battery on a transportation passenger and a single count of public intoxication.

Prosecutors announced the charges Friday afternoon, nearly a month after the incident happened. Fremont authorities wouldn't comment on the case Friday, stating only that Maurer is no longer employed by the city.

"It's a personnel matter, and we cannot comment," said Fremont police Detective Bill Veteran. All he would say is that "(Maurer) is separated from service with the department."

The facts of the case have not been fully disclosed by police or prosecutors, but the incident apparently started on a MUNI train that took concertgoers from AT&T Park to the Embarcadero BART station.

According to BART Police Chief Gary Gee — who spoke briefly with The Argus about the case a few days after it happened but has since refused comment — the firefighter's wife warned Maurer's friend, Vince Bedolla, also a Fremont police officer attending the Kenny Chesney concert, about Maurer leaning against the door of the train.

At some point, someone hit Bedolla in the face, which apparently sparked a skirmish minutes later at the BART station, Gee said.

The altercation did not take place on the platform near any moving trains, the chief said.

No one was seriously hurt, although one published report indicated that Bedolla may have suffered a broken nose, and the firefighter suffered cuts and bruises to his face.

Maurer was placed under citizen's arrest at the station, but later was released with a citation to appear in court.

San Francisco prosecutors received the case from investigators about a week after the incident and said they had 30 days to make a decision about charges. Their intention to charge Maurer was not publicized until Friday afternoon.

Bedolla was questioned after the incident but not arrested. It remained unclear Thursday if he was still employed by the city of Fremont. Veteran said he could not comment on Bedolla's status. However, his name is no longer listed on the department's roster of employees.

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Anonymous said...

Its funny that I found this website! Its more funnier that I found this story! Its even more funnier how MEDIA obviously loves to put a twist to some stories!! Lol... In this incident involving these two fremont cops I was their, and they are both friends of mine. The story that is told is not so accurate! Something that the media failed to deliver us correctly! These two former cops are great people, and their are always two sides to a story! Which no one even bothered to take into consideration! The poor firefighter made himself a victim! Because he was the only one who gave his SIDE OF THE STORY! The truth is, is that we all think that police officers should be perfect! But in reality they are human first/then police officers. They are the only ones that can take are freedoms away. When they are involved in any drama outside work.... We love to see them down! & critisize them! I can go on, but its not even worth it! It just being in the wrong place @ the wrong time!